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I’d like permission to attend All Your Base conference, on 13 November in London.

It's a one-day, one-track conference now in its fourth year, which features practical talks on a range of new and established database technologies. AYB attracts an audience of back-end developers, programmers and database engineers. Have a look at the conference site for full information: http://allyourbaseconf.com/2015/

As an attendee, I'd benefit from:

* hearing real-life, relatable case-studies and war stories
* discovering new technologies and trends
* learning solutions to problems I routinely face at work
* broadening my horizons and returning to work refreshed and inspired

In particular, I believe attending All Your Base will offer takeaways that would benefit the following projects:

[add your project or initiative]
[add your project or initiative]
[add your project or initiative]

I’ve put together an approximate breakdown of conference costs:

Conference ticket – £ [check for current price]
Travel – £
Accommodation – £

Total – £

The ticket price includes lunch and refreshments, plus access to all sessions. The earlier I register, the cheaper the ticket will be.

I’d be happy to put together a post-conference summary with major takeaways and new ideas relevant to the rest of the team. 

Thanks in advance for considering my request.