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It was like any other day of life, as usual around 8 PM local time I clicked on the swat 4 icon in my desktop. Over a period of time I had run out of patience to listen to the intro video. My usual practice is to skip the intro and move on to the game but then I remembered reading something about SWAT 4; something is different today. It was a post in Suspects heaven website which I read in the morning. It was about SWAT 4 10th Anniversary celebration. This brilliant game has completed ten years of life after it came to exist. Unlike my usual practice I watched the intro video which made me remember the first time I saw it. 

As the game’s menu appeared I connected to my favorite server Suspects heaven. The map was Abomb Night Club and the server was empty. Though the server was empty I clicked continue and was SPAWNED as swat officer. I came out of the dark room which was lit by a red light alone. As I was coming out I remembered the old days when the server was full most of the time. The days when all the swat players tried to come out of the spawn room at the same time blocking each other and screaming at each other “”STOP BLOCKING““  and the thought made me smile.

I moved over the map as if I were searching my old buddies in here.  As I moved passed each location in the map, hundreds of memories which I cherish came to my mind. I remembered a location where I got arrested repeatedly by someone years back, and there is another place where I ran with an open nade and ended up in losing my nades due to team nade. I remembered this is the place I have said sorry after a team kill, this is the place where several shootouts used to happen with nades and flashes which used to give a good background music like in the movies. I remembered the times when the shooting was so heavy that it sounded like a fine tuned orchestra with drums. This is the place where I screamed long hands watching a cheater, this is the place I tazed a cheater and watched him walk like a zombie which definitely made me laugh out loud. 

I could realize these are the reasons why I love this game so much. This feeling of being in an actual group, the tasks of deactivating all bombs or arresting all opponent team mates which brought people all across the world under one roof. This game had it all,  the controls are simple yet it is fully loaded with fun. 

As I was moving along the map shooting at bottles and breakable stuffs the post I read in the morning came to my mind again. Well it was obviously a great ten years. I was further lost in thoughts like whether the game will be played ten years later; as I was immersed in these thoughts I heard the most pleasing sound in the server, the bell which is heard when a person joins. It was FREEBILL - god I was so relieved to see him, we greeted each other and started playing the game. As we progressed another bell sound came which was T00ELITTE and then another sound of bell which brought SUNNY. Within a short period of 5 minutes the server was close to full. I no longer was thinking about the games survival, it was party time and I no longer could worry about how long the game will last. I was now fully involved in the game enjoying every moment of it. 

Maybe ten years has passed and maybe the game is in its declining path as far as the influence on players is concerned but one thing I could realize by looking at the people who came to play - there are plenty of people across the globe who are still charmed by the SWAT 4 magic and this game will still be played for many years to come. Every newbie who gets a taste of it will keep playing it for at least for few years because SWAT 4 in simple words can be explained as: FUN REINVENTED.