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Being with SWAT 4 since its release I've experienced pretty much everything there is - from nerve-racking issues with teamkillers and cheaters in its early days, intense clan wars, crazy Teamspeak conversations to admin mod salvation and ludicrous cheating accusations.

It all started with trying to find a new, exciting multiplayer game and founding a clan with a couple of random native gamers, some of which I'm nowadays proud to call my best friends. SWAT 4 seemed different enough that we gave it a shot and it didn't take long before we were spending more time in virtual than in real world. Not only did the game introduced me to some real nice folks who I would have otherwise never even met, but it also helped me through some very hard times. Therefore it is no secret that I was pretty upset and sad when I found out GameSpy services are shutting down. For some time it looked like everything will be washed away - thankfully things got back on track pretty quickly.

Although nowadays I'm mostly playing without my fellow ex-clan members, I am still having a blast. As a loner I discovered some interesting communities full of entertaining weirdos, irritating egomaniacs and some truly friendly players I definitely wouldn't mind meeting in person.

People who never played SWAT 4 simply don't know what they are missing. Sure, the game has its fair share of glitches and things I still don't fully understand even after 10 years and probably never will - but that's what the fun part of it, if you ask me. And so are pepper spray, smoke, camping and numerous other things that many players often find annoying. It's what makes it fun and different from dozens of other multiplayer shooters. If you don't like it, fine. There's plenty of other games for you out there. But me - I'm staying with SWAT 4. Simply because no other game has been able to hold my attention for 10 straight years and I've been an avid gamer before Sierra released its first SWAT game in 1995.

All in all it's been a journey full of laughter, lifetime memories, anger management issues and cursing.

I would do it all again in a moment.