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Tomorrow - BBC Sessions 1967-1968 [A Prof. Stoned Comp 2021]
16bit/44.1khz (CD Quality) 

01. Revolution
02. Three Jolly Little Dwarfs
03. Colonel Brown
04. Real Life Permanent Dream
05. My White Bicycle

Recording: Maida Vale, Studio 4, London UK; Thursday 21 September 1967
Broadcast: BBC Radio 1 'Top Gear'; Sunday 01 October 1967
Producer:  Bev Phillips
Engineer: Pete Ritzema
Note: A pre-FM tape of this first 'Top Gear' episode still exists but does not circulate. There is a MP3 (at 192 kbps) out there that comes from a 90m cassette tape which the late Bernie Andrews copied from his masterreel of the complete aircheck. This source is in pretty good quality but it is incomplete. 'Shy Boy' was also aired on this broadcast but it does not circulate. Tr. 01-02 are from a high quality transfer of 'Top of the tops' transcription disc #152. The piano intro on Tr. 02 is from an off-air source. Tr. 03-04 have been officially released on Shapes & Sounds (Orange & Red Beams From The BBC Archives, 1967-1969) [Top Sounds Records 2011], sourced from the MP3 and horribly mastered. The tracks on this comp were mastered straight from the Andrews MP3 (it's all we have!) with a much better result. Tr 05 appears in excellent quality on Radio Tymes [Top Sounds Records 2011] but is incomplete and also lossy (on the CD itself, yes) with barely any info above 14kHz. I have patched it together with an off-air source so that the song can at least be heard in its entirely. 


01. Blow-Up
02. Strawberry Fields Forever
03. Now Your Time Has Come
04. The Incredible Journey Of Timothy Chase

Recording: Wednesday 31 January 1968
Broadcast: BBC Radio 1 'Top Gear'; Sunday 04 February 1968

Note: This session is not in the BBC archives anymore. It has survived as a lo-fi off-air recording of which only an MP3 has circulated. But since there's no real musical information above 8kHz and the sharp cut-off happens around 16kHz, the lossy format is not a dealbreaker. 'Blow-Up' stems from the band's earlier days when they were called 'The In-Crowd' and was intended for the 1966 film. It's the only track from this session that has been released officially on 'Shapes & Sounds (Orange & Red Beams From The BBC Archives, 1967-1969)' [Top Sounds Records 2011] Still, I've opted to use the MP3 source for this track because of the harsh mastering on said comp, even though it seems to come from a slightly better source.


Total time: 29m03s
All tracks are Mono

Research for this Comp: Prof Stoned/Hallucalation
Mastering: Prof Stoned
Special thanks: Syd (for the upgrades) 

v1.0: 12-09-2021
v1.1: 13-09-2021 ('Colonel Brown' & 'Real Life Permanent Dream' replaced with better quality sources)
v1.2: 06-10-2021 ('Revolution' & 'Three Jolly Little Dwarfs' replaced with better quality sources, rest of 1st session newly remastered for better overall coherence)