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The Byrds - The Columbia Singles '65-'67 (Sundazed 2002) [Recompiled by Prof. Stoned 2021] 

01. Mr. Tambourine Man 
02. I Knew I'd Want You 
03. All I Really Want To Do 
04. I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better 
05. The Bells Of Rhymney*
06. Chimes Of Freedom*
07. She Don't Care About Time (Version 1)* 
08. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue*
09. The Times They Are A-Changin' (Version 1)* 
10. Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season) 
11. She Don't Care About Time (Version 2) 
12. Set You Free This Time 
13. It Won't Be Wrong 
14. He Was A Friend Of Mine 
15. Eight Miles High 
16. Why 
17. 5D (Fifth Dimension) 
18. Captain Soul 
19. Mr. Spaceman 
20. What's Happening?!?! 
21. So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star 
22. Everybody's Been Burned 
23. My Back Pages 
24. Renaissance Fair 
25. Have You Seen Her Face 
26. Don't Make Waves 
27. Lady Friend 
28. Old John Robertson 
29. Goin' Back 
30. Change Is Now 

31. You Ain't Going Nowhere
32. Artificial Energy
33. Lazy Days*
34. Reputation*
35. I Am A Pilgrim
36. Pretty Boy Floyd
37. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (Version 2)*
38. She Don't Care About Time (Version 3)*

All Tracks are the Original USA Mono Singles Mixes 

Tracks marked with * were prepared for release but ultimately withdrawn.



- Mr. Tambourine Man (SACD, Hybrid, Album, Mono, RE, RM) Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab UDSACD 2014 	US 2005 > Tr. 01-04
- The Columbia Singles '65-'67 (2xLP, Comp, Mono, 180) 	Columbia, Sundazed Music LP 5130 US 2002 > Tr. 05-08
- Turn! Turn! Turn! (CD, Album, Mono, Ltd, RE, RM, Pap) Sony Records Int'l SICP 20373 Japan 2012 > Tr. 09-11, 12-14, 37-38
- Fifth Dimension (CD, Album, Mono, Ltd, RE, RM, Pap) 	Sony Records Int'l SICP 20374 Japan 2012 > Tr. 15-20
- Younger Than Yesterday (CD, Album, Mono, Ltd, RE, RM, Pap) Sony Music SICP 20375 Japan 2012 > 21-26
- The Notorious Byrd Brothers (CD, Album, Mono, Ltd, RE, RM, Pap) Sony Records Int'l SICP 20376 Japan 2012 > Tr. 27-28
- The Notorious Byrd Brothers (SACD, Hybrid, Album, Mono, RE, RM, Sup) 	Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab UDSACD 2015 US 2006 > Tr. 29-30,32
- Sweetheart Of The Rodeo (CD, Album, Mono, Ltd, RE, RM, Pap) Sony Records Int'l SICP 30414 Japan 2014 Tr. 31,33-35


Tr. 05-08 are still unique to this vinyl-only release* and were taken from my old 2008 rip:

Technics 1210mk2 with AT-440 MLa stylus > M-Audio Microtrack 24/96 (A-D conversion 24 bit, 96kHz) 
NB: Audition 1.5 was used for adjusting DC bias, editing (incl. manual removal of clicks and pops), adding gain & collapsion  of the right and left channel to mono.

v1.0: 31-01-2008 (rip from Sundazed 2LP 24/96)
v2.0: 26-08-2021 (newly compiled, mostly from CD sources; EQ applied to old vinyl rip to correct the tone to neutral and also carefully de-essed) 

* not counting "Original Singles A's & B's 1965-1971" [2CD Sony Records Int'l 2012] which for inexplicable reasons was mastered from very poor quality sources

Compiled by PS/Hallucalation


"When 'Mr. Tambourine Man' first rumbled out of car radio speakers in 1965, it was a pivotal moment in pop history. With its jangling 12-string and epic sweep, it was the dawn of a new day: 
the birth of folk-rock. And the Byrds were just getting started. The next two years saw one hit after another, from the Biblical prophesies of 'Turn, Turn, Turn' to the raga-rock of 'Eight Miles High', from the exotic orchestration of 'So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star' to the Byrds bringing it all back home with 'My Back Pages'. 

Here they are again, 30 landmark recordings in their perfectly constructed, radio-friendly mono mixes: the forgotten rarities, withdrawn singles and, of course, all the original A and B-sides. No one has ever had a stronger run of singles than did the Byrds in their prime. No one."