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Cream - Wheels Of Fire (2 PT-SHM Set) 01:44:40

CD1 - In The Studio 00:40:37

01. White Room 05:03
02. Sitting On Top Of The World 05:02
03. Passing The Time 04:34
04. As You Said 04:24
05. Pressed Rat And Warthog 03:16
06. Politician 04:16
07. Those Where The Days 02:57
08. Born Under A Bad Sign 03:14
09. Deserted Cities Of The Heart 03:43
Bonus Tracks:
10. Anyone For Tennis 02:42
11. Falstaff Beer Commercial 01:22

CD2 - Live At The Filmore 01:04:03

01. Crossroads 04:18
02. Spooful 16:47
03. Traintime 07:03
04. Toad 16:16
Bonus Tracks:
05. Sunshine Of Your Love 06:58
06. N.S.U. 12:38

Performer: Cream
Album: 1968 Wheels Of Fire 2 PT-SHM Set (Mini LP Platinum SHM-CD Universal Music Japan 2013)
Info: Polydor Records / Universal Music Japan Cardboard Sleeve (Mini LP) / Platinum SHM-CD / Limited Release
Catalog CD: UICY-40038/9
Made in Japan
Dynamic Range: 12 � 11
Released Year: 2013



This is arguably the best way of hearing this album. This edition was mastered flat from the original USA mastertapes (see booklet) and has been CSG decoded by me.

CSG was a technique used in the late 60s to make stereo recordings mono-compatible. It puts one of the stereo channels out of phase and as a result blurries the stereo image. It was printed on the mixdown mastertapes of 7 of 11 tracks that can be found in folder CD1. Read more about the process here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haeco-CSG 

Despite the fact that CSG can easily be undone in digital audio workstation, only one official edition of WOF thus far was actually decoded and that one used an inferior source. So here it is. I know I'm being a bit cheecky here for using an offical source but it is the best one IMO and it needs the CSG decoding badly. Cheers to the guy who did the original rips and scans.