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The Doors - Live In Sweden '68 [Prof. Stoned 2021]

01. Five To One
02. Alabama Song
03. Back Door Man
04. You're Lost Little Girl
05. Love Me Two Times
06. When The Music's Over
07. Love Street
08. Wild Child
09. Money
10. Wake Up
11. A Little Game
12. The Hill Dwellers
13. Light My Fire
14. Unknown Soldier
15. 'Turn Out The Lights'
16. The End

Time: 01h19m59s

All Tracks are Stereo


Recorded by Sveriges Radio; September 20th, 1968 @ Konserthuset, Stockholm (Tr. 07,11-14: 1st set, all else: 2nd set)
Compiled & Mastered by Prof Stoned

Lineage: Pre-broadcast reel > reel > Dolby B encoded reel (using a Tandberg 9241XD @ Dolby B)

Source of info: mildequator.com/performancehistory/concertinfo/1968/680920.html



This is a compilation of two sets The Doors played on one evening. All songs from these sets are included but duplicates have been avoided*. Although from 3rd generation tape source, the end result is clean and easily betters what has been out there so far. Most tape problems (volume dropouts, channels misaligned, off-speed, high-frequency dropouts, wow & flutter and excessive hiss have been remedied/repaired, either painstakingly by hand or by using technology). Morrison's vocals are marred somewhat by an overloaded mic pre-amp which is less jarring here than on previous sources, but not entirely unnoticeable either. 

When looking at the vastness of the current official Doors discography, it's remarkable that none of this material has been released yet. A lot of live shows of both lesser fidelity and performance quality have seen the light of day with considerable hype. Perhaps The Doors camp still has hopes of getting access to the mastertapes? A number of rock shows at the same venue from this era (Electric Prunes, Hendrix) are known to have been recorded on a portable 4-track machine by Sveriges Radio and some of those tapes have been made available to commercial releases, indicating that SR are not impossible to deal with.^ 

Whatever the case, this has to be one of the best Doors live shows to be recorded semi-professionally. The band does not seem to be under any "recording stress" as heard on the Hollywood Bowl show from a few months earlier (and personally I think this sounds better than the Bowl release too). So few good Doors live recordings from the 67-68 era exist, making this an essential document. Enjoy!

PS (December, 2021)

{* Please consider some of the omitted versions have recording issues: 'When the music's over' is mostly without vocals, 'Five to one' is poorly balanced & 'Love me two times' has pretty bad wow & flutter}

{^ It is unclear whether this show was also recorded to 4-track or just directly to stereo}