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Alice Cooper - In The Danger Zone: Live 1969-72 [A Prof. Stoned Comp 2022]
16bit/44.1khz (CD Quality) 

01. Under My Wheels
02. Is It My Body?
03. Nobody Likes Me
04. Second Coming
05. Ballad of Dwight Fry
06. Killer
07. Eighteen
08. Black Juju
09. Halo Of Flies
10. You Drive Me Nervous
11. Lay Down And Die, Goodbye
12. School's Out
13. Public Animal No.9

14. Eighteen
15. Jam/Black Juju

Recorded at
- Toronto Rock and Roll Revival, Toronto (ON) Canada on September 13, 1969 (Tr. 03,11)
- Cincinnati Pop Festival, Crosley Field, Cincinnati (OH) USA on June 13, 1970 (Tr. 15)
- WXON Studios, Walled Lake, Detroit (MI) USA on January 10, 1971 (Tr. 02,07-08)
- Paramount Theatre, Seattle (WA) USA on July 10, 1971 (Tr. 04)
- Beat Club, Bremen, Germany on October 26, 1971 (Tr. 01,05)
- Cobo Arena, Detroit, MI, USA on December 19, 1971 (Tr. 09-10)
- Hofstra University, Hempstead (NY) USA on November 2, 1972 (06,12)
- Beat Club, Bremen, Germany on November 25, 1972 (Tr. 13-14)


Total time: 1h30m15s
All tracks are Stereo (some a bit narrow)

Compiled & Restored/Mastered by Prof Stoned

v1.0: 18-05-2022 



Here's something I'm quite stoked about. 

It cannot be overstated how important Alice Cooper were during the 1971-1973 era. The older generations of the day were horrified by them, much in the same way as Elvis and the Stones had appalled audiences before them and the Sex Pistols would do so afterwards. But there was more to them: the band Alice Cooper had all the qualities to be rock'n'roll legends: great songs; great musicians and an enigmatic and gifted vocalist in combination with their over-the-top stage-act and bad-boy image. I'm quite sure if Vincent Furnier hadn't run off with the bandname to become the Rod Stewart of hardrock, the band AC would have gotten much more appreciation like their peers The Stooges and The MC5.

The Alice Cooper group made some great music but it is often said their most important records are marred by wimpy production. As crucial a role Bob Ezrin played in the band's road to success, he had little experience with sound engineering and the albums 'Love It To Death' up to 'School's Out' suffer from it. Most of performances included here are taken from live recordings and TV performances, so the audio quality is not always hifi but the energy and rawness is very well captured throughout. It is an excellent companion to the best material of the 'Old School' boxset, if not a better alternative. 

I have carefully remastered every track in my studio. This is the first blog project where I have used extraction technology in my mastering setup (deMix Pro; very much worth the investment). I'm quite pleased with the results; the mono tracks really are true stereo now and the tracks that were already in stereo have been greatly improved by using DMP as well.  



DVD's & Bootlegs, some lossless but also some lossy. All of these are soundboard recordings except the Cobo Arena is an excellent audience recording, especially for its day.