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Tristate City - the tri-state city https://www.facebook.com/tristatecity/

Why are the Dutch farmers protesting? Because green policies are making life difficult for them?

Yes, that too, but there is more behind it than just environmental or climate protection. It's about a gigantic business project and the green mask is put on, as almost always, just for camouflage purposes.

The farmers are in the way, because areas are needed for a mega project that is called TRISTATE CITY. A mega-metropolis - a city-state - is planned, which will unite the Ruhr area, the Netherlands and Belgium. https://www.vno-ncw.nl/forum/%E2%80%98nederland-waar-ligt-dat%E2%80%99

A group of institutional investors in the Netherlands has joined forces to present the Netherlands, along with parts of Belgium and Germany, as a single city network called Tristate City.

The project, backed by the Dutch employers' association VNO-NCW, envisions the region of 30 million people as a "sustainable urban powerhouse." Supporters of the project include real estate developers and pension funds, as well as the Utrecht Economic Authority.
The organization believes Dutch cities are too small to compete in the so-called "battle of the cities," in which megacities compete for investment and talent.

Proponents of the project believe that treating the Netherlands as an urbanized delta with 17 million inhabitants creates a very strong player in this "battle of the giants." https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2017/10/dutch-investors-launch-new-marketing-programme-for-nl-tristate-city/

Once again, it's a matter of billion-dollar deals, and anything that disturbs them has to go. And agriculture is a land economy and land is needed for the new project gigantomy. So one drives the farmers into the bankruptcy, but one may not say so loudly. So one switches the hypocritical nature love before it, the Maskerade which can be consulted meanwhile for each mess.

In an interview with the organizer and chairman Bart-Jan Oplaat of NVP, he expressed his concern about the future of farmers. In it, he also mentions Tristate City, a plan for a new type of supercity in which the Netherlands, Brussels, Antwerp and the Ruhr region will join forces to become the new capital of Europe.
Together, some 40 million people will have to live there, and there will be no room for farmers. This is only possible by the peasants giving up their land for the fortress of these millions of additional inhabitants. https://indepen.nl/is-tristate-city-de-reden-van-onteigening-van-de-boeren/

The project is already critically commented on various websites.

A city-state where the land is the energy plantation of the city, and building land for "sustainable", densely insulated housing ("Paris-proof") for the tax cattle, the human resources of the company Netherlands, the Royal Oligarchy BV. Without free-range housing.

In endless densely insulated housing barracks, 'sustainable' Parisian houses, unhealthy headache houses without ventilation possibilities, newly built in the polders, the taxpayers/aka the human resources of the Royal Oligarchy of the Netherlands BV and the gossiping cattle of the Postcode Lottery are then milked and sucked dry in the name of mammon.

The only goal: maximum profit per square meter in the shortest possible time for the money-grubbing UBOs, the bosses of the Royal Oligarchy Nederland BV, the company Netherlands.

The more they mouth the word "green", the more you see real green decaying, being cut down and built over every year. This is because there is money to be made from both the destruction of nature (e.g. trees for biomass) and the construction of "green" projects. Money is the central denominator of Royal Oligarchy Nederland BV. 

Strangely enough, the reports about the farmers' protests always refer to the new nitrogen limits, which force the farmers to shut down their business. But this is surely again just pure coincidence.