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Black Sabbath - Live 1970 [A Prof. Stoned Comp 2022]
16bit/44.1khz (CD Quality) 

"BBC Session"

01. 'Intro'
02. Fairies Wear Boots
03. 'Peel Talk 1'
04. Behind the Wall of Sleep
05. 'Peel talk 2'
06. Walpurgis (War Pigs)
07. 'Interview w/ Iommi'
08. Black Sabbath

Broadcast: BBC Radio 'John Peel's Sunday Concert': Sunday 26 April 1970 between 4:30PM & 5PM
Producer: Jeff Griffin
Source: off-air recording

Note: The recording date and venue are unknown but many of the concert programmes of this era were recorded at the Paris Theatre in London. This is the only vintage Sabbath BBC session that has survived, even if only as a very good fan recording (the first one from 1969 seems lost forever).

"Beat Club"

01. Black Sabbath
02. Blue Suede Shoes
03. Iron Man
04. Paranoid

Recorded: Beat Club, Bremen, Germany; Tr. 01-02: Monday 25 May 1970 & Saturday 26 September 1970: Tr. 03-04 
Sources: video master from Radio Bremen archive

"Live in Montreux"

01. 'Intro'
02. Paranoid
03. N.I.B.
04. Behind The Wall Of Sleep
05. Iron Man
06. War Pigs
07. Fairies Wear Boots
08. 'Encore break'
09. Hand Of Doom
10. Rat Salad

Recorded: Casino de Montreux, Montreux, Switzerland; Monday 31 August 1970 
Source: mastertape from soundboard


Total time: 1h35m22s
Montreux is Stereo, the other two sets are Mono.

Compiled & Restored/Mastered by Prof Stoned

v1.0: 07-06-2022 



Those of you interested in early Sabbath will probably already be familiar with most of this material. Nearly all of it has been officially released at one point in time. However, this overview aims to upgrade those sources with notably improved soundquality. On the Montreux & Beatclub recordings, this has been achieved by using spectral extraction technology. Not for the sole purpose of stereo seperation but to correct the poor mixing balance of the original recordings; on Montreux the vocals were standing out like a sore thumb, rendering this tape nearly unlistenable (to me, anyway). The BBC tape is relatively lo-fi but still a great listen* and appearing here in the correct speed with the best sound so far and all its in-between dialogue restored. 


P.S.: I have considered including Brussels '70 as well but felt there would be no point since I couldn't really improve on the sound of the Paranoid Super Deluxe (props to Andy Pearce). 

* Don't let the poor sound of the 'Intro' scare you away, it gets better with track 2.  



The Ozzman Cometh (4 BBC tracks), BBC Broadcast MP3 (dialogue), Paranoid Super Deluxe (Montreux), The Story of Beat Club Vol. 2 68-70 DVD (3 tracks) & Black Mass (horrid mastering but the only place where Blue Suede Shoes appears in complete form).