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How do you behave when you're in someones house for the first time ever? I think about the situation when that person lives with parents? I don't really know all rules for good behavior but I'm enough smart to know how NOT to behave in this situation.
I had this type of situation these days. I'm not sure, which one of us was more uncomfortable, my parents or me?
In this story, I'll call her Maya.

I met her earlier through facebook or twitter, and we agreed that she can sleep over in my home whenever she wants(it was one month after our meeting).
It was Friday when she came.
I couldn't wait for her to come because I love when a friend stays in my house. She came with me in my village Radanovici, and in the beginning everything was cool. We talked about everything till late hours and Mayas phone started ringing. That was one boy she liked. They talked about two hours and I was bored to death. I planned watching some movies, but It was already late and I started feeling sleepy. She smoked lots of cigarettes on a balcony(even If she knew I hate them and even If I pleased her to hold on 1,2 days while she's in my house) and she talked with him. I went to bed nervously and turned the lights off. 

Maya: Heey, don't sleep. I'll finish in a second.
Me: I can't wait for you and I feel sleepy so go on, talk, we'll continue tomorrow. 
Maya: Pleaseee, don't. You said that we won't sleep all night.
Me: That was a plan till he called you.
Maya: I'll be quick, wait for meeee.

And I waited for about 45 minutes and I went to sleep again. I couldn't actually sleep like nobody in my house, because, obviously, she thought that nobody can sleep in 1:30 . I thought- If my father comes up... :))
So, we were awake till 3:30 because she wanted to watch TV down in living room.
I, of course, did that for her because I'm not a person who would ignore a guest.
That morning I had to go to a funeral and I didn't want to skip that. I had to be there for my friend. I told Maya to wait for me, It won't be long, and I told Sandra (my sister) to go to Maya from time to time, because she's shy.
While I was in Tivat, I received hundreds of messages :

Sandra: I went to her and asked her to join Daniela and me in kitchen and she said she will. She's not here yet..
Maya: When will you come? This fuckin' internet of yours is not working properly.
Sandra: I made her a tea and asked her again to join us. She's still not here.
Maya: Lidiaa?? Hurry up already!

I went crazy that day. I couldn't believe that someone can be that rude.
When I came home she was mad.

Me: Maya, what's wrong?
Maya: What's wrong. Nothing. It is better for me to go home then to stay here alone and bored. 
Me: I had to go, you know that.
Maya: And I wanted us to go to Kotor, to see that town till the sun is up, but now we don't have to because It's too late.
Me: Maya, it's 3 o'clock.
(Mum shouting: DINNERRRR)
Me: Let's eat first.
Maya: Let's go eat hamburgers in Kotor, I can't eat that.

That were only parts.. So bad.
We were walking in Kotor and I felt so cold suddenly, and I asked her not to go near the sea because I'm too cold. What do you think what happened? ;)
We were walking near the sea and we were sitting on a cold ground for about 1 hour till she smoked all of her cigarettes.

That night she left. Plan was to be in my house till tomorrow, but, I couldn't stand her anymore and I said goodbye to her and locked my room. :)

The point is- don't do this to anyone, especially when you're in someones house for the first time, because she/he will shut that door for you forever. 

Lee Dee