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Ok if you are sick of all the problems with Archeage complain
directly to Trion Worlds Inc. 

Here is how you do it.

Trion Worlds, Inc.
1200 Bridge Parkway Suite 201
Redwood City, CA 94065
Phone #:  650-631-9800
Website: http://www.trionworlds.com/en/

You can complete a survey as well at 

Post a complaint on their Facebook page at 

Complain via their Twitter account at 

Complain to Trion Worlds Inc directly via their
live chat option 

Complain via Reddit

Or via email at

contact [at] trionworld.com
communications [at] trionworlds.com
bizdev [at] trionworlds.com
publishing [at] trionworlds.com
appeals [at] trionworlds.com


I believe that some of the billing for Trion is done in Windsor, Ontario, 
Canada and  I have a phone number of 519-568-5201

The phone number Trion used to use for support is 
no longer working if you call this number you get a recorded
message saying that Trion Worlds is no longer doing support
via the phone.  The old number which does not work any more
is 1-877-708-7466 so do not bother with this. 

The BBB I doubt will do anything about this since 
they are just as corrupt as Trion Worlds but the link
is here