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Method 1: Shaking the egg.

At first I was a bit doubtful of this. Surly f the egg is hitting hard enough for the shell to go, it will be damaged? Nevertheless, I continued to experiment. I got an empty Golden Syrup jar and filled it almost to the top with water, then carefully lowered in the egg. Ensuring the lid was tight on, I shook it ferociously. Small parts of shell did begin to come off, but not much, so I emptied out some of the water. That was much better - the jar was about half full. Then it achieved the desired result, a perfect hard boiled egg. See the image, it's the egg on the left.

Method 2: Blowing the egg.

This method sounded good at first, but when I came to do it, I struggled. Peeling the tips was tricky, especially because the egg was still quite hot - my nails dug in and damaged the end. When I came to blow the egg, it was still quite hot. I was worried about burning my lips, so I left it for a bit. Eventually, I did manage to blow the egg into a jar, but it was not easy, and the egg was damaged at the end. Oh, and my chewing gum got shell in it, which was a surprise when I found it 3 minutes later...Have a look at the egg on the right - there are small imperfections on the tip


Both methods did work, but I think that the best method was the shaking method - it worked when the egg was still hot and was not nearly as fiddly - just quite a bit of work to get my egg. The finished article was also better.