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Potent - No.1 in Level Ranking
Wealthy - No.1 in Wealth Ranking
Elder - No.1 in Guild Level Ranking
Benefactor - No.1 in Guild Wealth Ranking
Zealot - No.1 in Guild Zeal Ranking
Test title - Max HP +1
.............. - Max Mana +1
.............. - Attack +1
.............. - Defense +1
.............. - Accuracy +1
Rotulor Flagbearer - Your name flies on the flag.
Emperor's Vanguard - Not even the sands of time can stop you.
Lighthouse Sentinel - You provide the guiding light for all.
Welkin Watcher - All that's left to do is wait.
Gladiator - Even the gods acknowledge your skill in battle.
Pet Whisperer - You have spent a ton of time getting to know pets.
Bomb Disposal Expert - You protected Freedom Harbor from being blown up by the Storm Legion.
Herald of Justice - You fight for justice in the eternal battle between good and evil.
Killer - The World Bosses of Kalaires Plain were no match for you.
Slayer - Killing World Bosses is becoming your new hobby.
Butcher - World Bosses are falling like lambs to the slaughter.
King of the Jungle - You have earned the loyalty of various pets.
Trial Novice - You have tested the waters of Gods' Trial.
Trial Regular - You are familiar with the ways of Gods' Trial.
Trial Veteran - Gods' Trial is just another notch on your belt.
Trial Expert - You could probably make it through Gods' Trial blindfolded.
Queen's Guardian - All hail the Queen!
Prophet - Listen to the gods,help them carry out their will.
Ravager - World Bosses now bow in your presence.
Societal Fledgling - Understanding of basic social skills.Freshman in society.
Skillful Negotiator - Good at persuasion. You successfully persuade almost anyone.
Psychologist - Words are your weapons. You outwit your opponents.
Wordsmith - Your negotiation skills are unmatched.
Interrogator - You get to the truth.
Intellectual - You don't just use language,you fully understand it.
Judge - You draw the line between good and evil.
Director - Everyone else is just a puppet for you to play with.
Legend - Your name has spread through Eyrda like wildfire.
Paragon - Everyone in Eyrda looks up to you.
Harbinger - Your words will come to pass.
Homeland Security - You are sworn to protect Aurora County.
Adult Dwarf - After completing the ceremony,you're considered an adult Dwarf.
A Pious Heart - You have received a blessing from the High Priest.
Heir of the Blood - After awakening the power of your ancient bloodline,you've become a real Kindred.
Lenasha Guardian -
New Protector - With Solarien as your guide,may you receive Tytan's blessing.
Deceiver - You always break promises.
Glutton - You enjoy food. A lot.
Greedy - There is more to life than money,but what do you care?
Immoral - You enjoy the sinister side of life.
Prodigy - You are a master of puzzles.
Orator - Your speech is well mannered and eloquent.
Psychic - Capable of reading the deepest thoughts of others.
Executioner - You were also the judge and the jury.
Destroyer - You leave nothing but destruction in your wake.
Light of Lenasha - There will be no tears shed under your guiding light.
Hatred Creator - You help others discover their inner hatred.
Valorous - You've been approved as a real warrior.
Lionheart Navy - Private - Military rank of the Lionheart Navy.
Lionheart Navy - Corporal -
Lionheart Navy - Sergeant -
Lionheart Navy - Lieutenant -
Lionheart Navy - Captain -
Lionheart Navy - Major -
Lionheart Navy - Colonel -
Specialist - Your knowledge of goods is limited to a specific area.
Tycoon - You are adept at selling anything to anyone.
Dawning Light - You have achieved a few things.
Admirable Adventurer - You have achieved a good amount of things.
A Rising Star - You have achieved a great deal of things.
Sebestimated - WTH does this even mean!?
World Shaper - You were one of the first in Eyrda.
Scavenger - Wealth is your motivation!
Dexterous - Nothing escapes your grasp, no matter how small or fast it may be.
Perfectionist - Your Life in the Harbor is going along smoothly.
Absolute Perfectionist - Your Life in the Harbor is ideal.
Slacker - Your Life in the Harbor is full of time wasting.
Lucky - Your hard work for the Free Life Camp has finally paid off!
Fortunate -
Charmed -
Annihilator - Soon, all that will be left is you.
Boss - You kill things like a Boss.
Shining Light - You are a true hero.
Quick - You are very fast. Acquired by procuring 40 antiques.
Quicker - Can you be even faster? Acquired by procuring 50 antiques.
Quickest - Can't be faster. Acquired by procuring 60 antiques.
Seminar Apprentice - You have taken the first step on the path to knowledge.
Flame Wielder - You've mastered the flames as if they were your own limbs.
Sealer of Fire - Fire never matters.
Controller of Waves - Rivers flow as you direct them to.
Tide Bender - The tides cannot harm you.
Wind Dancer - You enjoy dancing with the wind.
Staller of Wind - The wind stops in front of you.
Mountain Bearer - Your excellent Earth mastery makes you a part of the land.
Rock Breaker - Rocks are too feeble for you.
Harbinger of Light - Shining like the stars.
Light Devourer - The force that stops the light.
Darkness Dweller - Nowhere is better than the dark.
Darkness Dispeller - Let the shadow beneath your feet fade into nothingness.
Exemplar of Power - Your Physical mastery makes you unstoppable.
Blade Smasher - Physical attacks are too weak to harm you.
Fire Conjurer - Your knowledge of fire is unmatched.
Ender of Heat - You are the one who the fire fears.
Wave Controler - A good friend of Ocean of Hope.
Tide Breaker - Everything of water element frowns when facing you.
Wind Rider - The wind is what you travel with.
Wind Traper - The howling wind kneels down before you.
Child of Earth - You are the child loved by the land.
Land Cracker - Ripping the land open is no harder than breathing.
Herald of Radiance - Brilliance is what you give.
Light Gnawer - The aurora is just a piece of cake.
Cenobite of Darkness - Darkness is the way you meditate.
Darkness Melter - The night will retreat,giving place to the advent of dawn.
Sovereignty of Power - A wood club is capable of serving as your deadly weapon.
Blade Cracker - Physical attack is just a big fat joke.
Pyro Artist - You don't need to command the fire. Flames willingly serve you as their master.
Frozen Stasis - Flames? What are flames?
Dominator of Ocean - You are the cause of tsunamis.
Saboteur of Water - Even the gods cannot defeat you with the power of water.
Storm Manipulator - People will see you, the architect of wind, if only they have the chance to enter the core of the storm.
Storm Tamer - The storm crouches at your feet like a kitten.
Paragon of Earth - Mountains will rise upon your command.
Discord of Land - You are the fear that haunts the land.
Light Channeler - You are the sun.
Black Hole - Even the sun gives way to you.
Total Darkness - Darkness is your soul.
Purger of Darkness - You remove the darkness deep inside the spirits of all.
Ultimate Force - The ignorant recognize your finger as a devastating sword.
Power Expunger - Offending you is like committing suicide.
Warden - You suppressed the riot in The Forgotten Prison.
Endeavoring Spirit - You have achieved a ridiculous amount of things.
Workaholic - You have achieved an insane amount of things.
Marvel - Your achievements are unmatched.
Unveiling Hand - No secret escapes you.
Treasure Hunter - You travel all around the world searching for treasure.
Passionate - Roses are the symbol of love.Deliver your love with no delays.
Dream Guide - Dreams are your new passion.
Dream Conductor - Dreams are your new reality.
Desert Savant - You have a valuable expertise.
Woodland Savant -
Gloomy Savant -
Acute Angler - You are the Fishing Contest Champion.
Shimmering - You are radiant.
Star of Luck - You have been blessed by the gods.
Star of Wealth -
Star of Charisma -
Star of Perfection -
Star of Freedom Harbor - You have been blessed by the citizens of Freedom Harbor.
Bloodthirsty - You are a battlefield legend.
Gladiator - You are an arena legend.
Eyrda Elite - You are one of the chosen.
Raptorex Champion - Master of the mighty Raptorex,Tytan's gift to the powerful.
Wealth Master - You gained wealth at an unmatched rate.
Achievement Master - You achieved greatness.
Enhancement Master - You took care of your gear.
Job Master - You worked hard.
Chief Detective - You went for the gold, and got it.
1st Detective - You got 1st place! Very nice.
2nd Detective - You got 2nd place! Not bad.
Spooky Candle Master - Forsaken World-Halloween 2011
Witness - You were there to see the wonder.
Spokesperson - You are a mentor for new members.
Drill Sergeant - Those who were mentored by you become strong leaders themselves.
Pioneer - You were one of the very first to experience the world.
Winter Festival Participant - The Winter Festival brought you luck!
Lucky Winter - You're the Lucky Dog of the Winter Festival!
Light of Winter - You have been blessed by the gods.You will have good luck in the new year!
Nightfall Warrior - Logged in for the Nightfall Expansion
Forsaken Anniversary - Forsaken World 2012 Anniversary!
Super Rabbit Savior - You saved the Rabbit!
Golden Noble - You are a billionaire!
Noble's Fan Club - You are a fan of billionaires!
Proud Sharer - You were a good child.
Legendary Wealth - You are among the richest in the world.
Forsaken Veteran - Forsaken World Player since March 2011
$S's Husband - My love is like an ocean,with boundless skies and endless depths.
$S's Wife - My love is like a rose,whose beauty shall be cultivated and preserved.
$S's Prince - My love is like the sun,burning bright and bathing you in light.
$S's Princess - My love is like a star,eternally shining and watching over you.
Love Festival Ambassador -You were one of the most popular people during the festival.
Trickster - You have tricked a lot of people.
Sad Clown - Smiling is even more painful than crying.
Potential Master - You know the first steps to being a Master.
Associate Master - You know something about being a Master.
Master - You've become a fine Master.
Senior Master - You are getting better every day.
Resident Master - You are respected by other Masters.
Master Director - You are one of the top Masters.
Grand Master - You are the most respected Master in all of Eyrda.
Inspired - You participated in April Fools' Day.
Ambitious -
Fighter for Eyrda - You participated in the website event.
Calydonian Boar Hunter - One day you will hunt the Calydonian Boar King.
Calydonian Boar Killer - The Calydonian Boar King looks like breakfast to you.
Calydonian Boar Slayer - The Calydonian Boar King trembles in terror when he sees you.
Calydonian Boar Butcher - You are the Calydonian Boar Butcher!
Calydonian Boar Predator - You have mastered Calydonian Boar hunting. It's bacon time!
Traveler of Antus - You have received a reward!
Gardener of Antus - Friend of Antus
Guest of the Feast - You love Antus' Fruit.
Relentless Master - You never grow tired of tutoring others.
Respected Master - You are respected by everyone for your tutoring skills.
Renown Master - You are renown for your tutoring skills.
Tireless Master - With over 50 Apprentices, you truly are a Master.
Persistant - No matter the challenge, you put your head down and power through.
Guess Champion - There is nothing you don't know!
Guess Master - You know the world better than anyone else.
Prediction Master - You got everything!
Future Master - You can see into the future.
Guess Talent - You are up and coming!
Guess Idol - You are really talented!
Guess Superstar - You are amazing!
Gold Medalist - You slaughtered everyone in your path.
Silver Medalist - You sliced your way through the rankings.
Bronze Medalist - You deafeated most of your competition.
Friendly - You were one of the first to band together!
Trendy - You are a fashion leader.
Thinking of Love - Your love extends through time and space.
Dreaming of Love - You love goes beyond the bounds of reality.
True Love - Your love is eternal.
$S's Love - Your love speaks in tender tones.
$S's Beloved - Your love is out in the open.
$I Love $S - You shout your love from a mountaintop!
Forever With $S - Your love lasts forever.
Flower March - Part of the Four Seasons Chorus.
Rain and Wind -
Potential - You have the potential to be a star!
Ambassador of Eyrda - You represent Eyrda!
Midsummer Night's Light - Your face glows
Midsummer Night's Dream - You have good taste.
Pyrotechnician - Keep playing with fire!
Braved the Lands - You obtained a special card!
Summer Warrior -
Skirmisher - You won a small scale battle.
Combatant - You won a large scale battle
Nursery Rhymer - Participated in Pure Sound Activities during Children's Day.
Childish -
Nursery Rhyme Fan -
Trainee - You are training to fight against the Storm Legion.
Champion - You are prepared to fight the Storm Legion.
Landlubber - You have turned in a handful of Lures.
Scalawag - You have turned in a quite a few Lures.
Cabin Boy - You have turned in a good amount of Lures.
Crewman - You have turned in a bunch of Lures.
Helmsman - You have turned in a whole lot of Lures.
First Mate - You have turned in a boatload of Lures.
Captain of the High Seas - How did you get that many Lures?
Dedicated - Your Total Login days are a wonder to all!
Committed -
Fantastic -
Wonderful -
Amazing - Your devotion has been noted!
Incredible -
Stupendous -
Remarkable -
Superb - Why stop now?
Unbelievable -
Astounding -
Marvelous -
Spectacular -
Phenomenal -
Deific - You are practically a god in this land!
Scurvy Dog - You look like a pirate!
Wench -
Trailblazer - You look like an adventurer!
Performer - You look fashionable!
Cultist - You look a bit spooky!
Tribal - You look exotic!
Fashionable - You look fantastic!
Charming - You look fancy!
Classy - You look stunning!
??????? - You look spiffy!
Kitten - You look like a kitten!
Festive - You look very festive!
Whimsical - You look enchanting!
Elegant - You look beautiful!
Adorable - You look like a busy bee!
True Love - Your love comes with no regrets
Romantic Love - Your love is sweet.
Sleek - You look very stylish!
Trendsetter - You look trendy!
Cute - You look so cute!
The Law - You are ready to fight crime!
Sophisticated - You look amazing!
Abracadabra - You look ready for some magic!
Giggles - You look goofy!
Furry - You look like a rabbit!
Natural - You are naturally cool looking.
Fairy - You look mystical
Big Bad Wolf - You look fierce.
Little Red - You look innocent
Hip - You look adorable!
Cowboy - Owner of Cowboy Series Fashion
Wild Cowboy -
Dude - You look like a surfer!
Smooth - You look relaxed.
Regal - You look like a cartoon prince!
Belle of the Ball - You must like bows... A lot.
Flame of Dawn - You look so calm
Light of Rainbow -
Wizard - You are adept with magic.
Foxy - You look cool!
Fresh -
Annual - Witness of Forsaken World's 1st Anniversary.
Sutherland's Friend - Sutherland's comrade in arms, special title for Forsaken World's 1st Anniversary.
Morin's Friend - Morin's comrade in arms, special title for Forsaken World's 1st Anniversary.
Civilian's Friend - Freedom Harbor civilians' friend, special title for Forsaken World's 1st Anniversary.
Storm Destroyer - The destroyer of the Storm Legion, special title for Forsaken World's 1st Anniversary.
High Chief - The first person to reach Lv80 on the server!
High King - The first person to reach Lv80 on all servers!
Bloom of Glory - Advanced VIP
Heritage of Glory - Premier VIP
Cavalier - A noble member of the Eyrda Knighthood!
Knight Templar - A high ranking member of the Cavaliers!
Inquisitor - The leader of the Knights Templar.
Flame of Aerolite - You look so calm.
Light of Color - You look so cute.
Twin Emperor's Bane - The owner of Inferno Shadow series collections,need to finish the achievement: Inferno Shadow
Forsaken Anniversary - Celebrating a year of Forsaken World!
Knight - An honorary title celebrating The Arena's first Season!
Knight Errant -
Cavalry Knight -
First Knight -
Dragon Knight -
Arena Lover - Gained the Arena Lover achievement and the first season Arena rewards.
Weekend Warrior - Gained the Weekend Warrior achievement and the first season Arena rewards.
Combat Professional - Gained the Combat Professional achievement and the first season arena rewards.
Combat Master - Gained the Combat Master achievement and the first season arena rewards.
The Girl from Ipanema - When you walk, you're like a Samba!
Blame it on Rio - You only live once, but it does help if you get to be young twice.
Prefect - Oh! Are you a Prefect? You should have said something.
Enchantress - You're the cleverest witch of your age.
Pilot - Master Flying Lv1
Aviator - Master Flying Lv2
Flying Ace - Master Flying Lv3
Red Baron - Master Flying Lv4
Sky Captain - Master Flying Lv5
Storm Racer - Master Flying Lv6
Star Grazer - Master Flying Lv7
Twilight Waltz - Event title of Call of Dawn!
The Great Explorer - Completed the Adventurer Event 1500 times
Traveling Sage - Completed the Experience Event 1500 times
Hero of Aepelio - Complete the Raisinger Daily Events 150 times
Elemental Master - Complete the War of Elements Event 1200 times
Pets' Best Friend - Complete the Creekbank Valley Event 450 times
Beast of the Slaughter - Complete the Castle of Ghostfang Event 300 times
Time Warper - Complete a Fissure 300 times
Golden Hook - Complete the Fishing Event 150 times
Gold Digger - Complete the Gold Rush Event 450 times
Staunch Defender - Complete the Harbor Crisis Event 150 times
Bibliophile - Complete the Good Learner Event 600 times
Star Catcher - Complete the Star Light Event 750 times
Aromatic - Complete the Perfumer Event 150 times
Twilight Master - First in the Leveling Event!
Master, Master! -
Little Spy - Recorded everything in Eyrda!
Singer Star of Eyrdan - You won the 1st place of covering the theme song!
Angelic Voice - The Best Single Player Award
The Best Band - The Best Group Award
Eyrdan Music Enthusiast - The Best Cover Award
Sky Dancer - You won 1st place in the Flying High competition!
Cross-server Emperor - Champion of the 1st Cross-server match!
Cross-server Elite - Runner-up of the 1st Cross-server match!
Cross-server Warrior - Third-place of the 1st Cross-server match!
Cross-server Expert - Forth-place of the 1st Cross-server match!
2012 Happy New Year! - 2012 Happy New Year!
High Flyer - You won a prize in the Flying High competition!
Twilight Defender - Owner of the Twilight Raid suit
Twilight Follower - Owner of the Twilight Grace suit
Lady of Beauty - Received 9 roses
One Singular Sensation - Received 99 roses
Aphrodite - Received 999 roses
Love's Companion - Received 9 blessings
Deep Love - Received 99 blessings
Cassenova -
Mrs. Claus -Christmas fashion
Santa Claus -
Super Star - Best singer
New God - Forsaken World event winner!
2011Super Elite - Superstar!
Wannabe - Imitation award
Eyrda's Got Talent - Cover music award
Disciple of Love - Romantic Valentine's Day!
Angel of Love -
New Year Messenger - Blesser fashion
Palace Saint - Saint fashion
Otaku - I just don't want to go outside!
Queen - Hurray!
The Ordinary- I have nothing special
The Flatulent - I know everything and I'm the best!
The Stupid - I don't know...
The Calm - Calm down.
Confessor - I want to tell everybody in the world
Beauty - You are the most beautiful!
The Legendary Lover - Love letter writing award
Returned Hero - Welcome back!
King of Humor - You have heard a lot of jokes
Elite of Humor - I like laughing
Joker - Most Likely to have been the Class Clown
Featherwit - I don't understand the world
Friend of the Forest - You are lucky
Spring Priest -
Forever Young -
Cupid - The lucky one
Prince - Sweet love
Princess -
Redeemer - Special Title for Redeption Day
Lord of White -
Wondering Ghost -
Hellboy - Owner of Hellboy Fashion Set
Pure Maid - Owner of Pure Maid Fashion Set
Fiend Servant - Owner of Fiend Servant Fashion Set
Dark-faced Evil Spirit - Owner of Dark-faced Evil Spirit Fashion Set
Good Boy - Special Title for Children's Day
Little Caesar in Kindergarten -
Member of Eyrda Kindergarten -
2012 FWIC 3rd Place - Increased Health by 150 (Granted when you earned the title) Won the bronze medal in the 2012 FWIC event!
2012 Cross-server Competition in Spring No.2 - Upper Limit of HP + 100 Upper Limit of HP + 100 Upper Limit of HP + 100 Upper Limit of HP + 100 Upper Limit of HP + 100 (Come into force when gained the effect) Runner-up of 2012 Spring Cross-server PK Competition!
2012 Cross-server Competition in Spring No.3 - Upper Limit of HP + 75 Upper Limit of HP + 75 Upper Limit of HP + 75 Upper Limit of HP + 75 Upper Limit of HP + 75 (Come into force when gained the effect) The 3rd of 2012 Spring Cross-server PK Competition!
Participant of 2012 Spring Cross-server Competition - Participation Award of 2012 Spring Cross-server PK Competition!
Witness of 2012 Spring Cross-server Competition - Consolation Prize of 2012 Spring Cross-server PK Competition!
The Star Falls - Owner of the Legendary Weapon 'Disaster Star'
Blood Lineage - Owner of the Legendary Weapon 'Bloodline'
Trust No One - Owner of the Legendary Weapon 'Betrayal'
Dragonsbane - Owner of the Legendary Weapon 'Dark Dragon Blood'
Unknown Disaster - Owner of the Legendary Weapon 'Inferno Shadow'
Dust To Dust - Owner of the Legendary Weapon 'Ashes of Hope'
Life eternal. Power unlimited - Owner of the Legendary Weapon 'Bloodrite'
Even Gods Shall Weep - Owner of the Legendary Weapon 'Resurrection'
Shooting Star Tears the Night Sky - Owner of the Relic Shooting Star
Take Charge of Life and Death - Owner of the Relic Will
Light-footed like shadow, agile like lights - Owner of the Relic Shadow Light
Invisible waves of Dragon blood, fangs of fate - Owner of the Relic Dragonfang
Dreamland of world, mirage of magic - Owner of the Relic Phantom
Disaster ends, hope befalls - Owner of the Relic Hope
Soulf of fight, Sacrifice of bloold - Owner of the Relic Power of Blood
Nightmare will elapse, life revives - Owner of the Relic Sound of Reviving
Huffy Tyrant - Midsummer Night Title
Midsummer Night Love - Love Song of Summer Night
Disaster Reborn - Completed the quest to upgrade an Eternal Belief weapon
Water Dragon - Special Title for the Dragon Boat Festival
Famous Writers and Poets -
Boat Racer -
Hip-Hop Boy - Owner of Hip-Hop Boy Serial Fashion
Magic Girl - Owner of Magic Girl Fashion Set
German Football Fanatic - Owner of German Team Shirt Fashion Set
Spanish Football Fanatic - Owner of Spain Team Shirt Fashion Set
English Football Fanatic - Owner of England Team Shirt Fashion Set
Italian Football Fanatic - Owner of Italy Team Shirt Fashion Set
Dutch Football Fanatic - Owner of Holland Team Shirt Fashion Set
French Football Fanatic - Owner of French Team Shirt Fashion Set
Moneycopper - Participated in Counterstrikers event
Agent Provacateur - Participated in Counterstrikers event
Live and Let Resurrect - Participated in Counterstrikers event
Soul Diamonds Are Forever - Participated in Counterstrikers event
From Eyrda with Love - Participated in Counterstrikers event
Bad Romance - J'ai ton amour et je veux ton revenge
Peacocking - LOOK AT ME!
I'm an assassin. Shhh - Reached level 80
Lightning Bolt! - Reached level 80
Boom. Headshot. - Reached level 80
Step 4: Prophet - Reached level 80
Pied Piper - Reached level 80
Take Nothing for Granite - Reached Level 80
Team Edward - Reached level 80
Leeeerooooy - Reached level 80
Player - First level of Purchaser Rewards
Club Member - Second level of Purchaser Rewards
Cleric - Third level of Purchaser Rewards
Lord - Fourth level of Purchaser Rewards
Knight - Fifth level of Purchaser Rewards
Noble - Sixth level of Purchaser Rewards
Baron - Seventh level of Purchaser Rewards
Viscount - Eighth level of Purchaser Rewards
Earl - Ninth level of Purchaser Rewards
Marquess - Tenth level of Purchaser Rewards
Duke - Eleventh level of Purchaser Rewards
Monarch - Twelfth level of Purchaser Rewards
Hang Ten! - Surf's up, dude!
Bird of Paradise - When you look at me, when you think of me, I am in paradise.
Wheat - N/A
Harvest Festival Envoy - N/A
Frostgale Fjord Icebreaker - Icebreaker Lord
Frostgale Fjord Icecracker - Icecracking Expert
2012 Championship Participator - Glory Symbol Title
2012 Championship Top 5 - Upper limit of Health + 50
2012Guild Baby - All attention!
Heartthrob - The ladies love you!
Sister Goddess' Close Friend - Sister Goddess' Close Friend
Wolf's Soul - Wolf's Soul
Wolf's Love - Wolf's Love
The Brave Return - The brave warriors who return to Eyrda continue to fight
Lansys Exile - You escaped from Lansys, but you will return there one day!
Witness to Miracles - The rewarded title of 'Call of Dawn' event
Intern War Correspondent - 2012 Cross-server Intern War Correspondent
War Correspondent - 2013 Cross-server War Correspondent
War Correspondent Star - 2014 Cross-server Competition War Correspondent Star
Eyrda Devotee - Grand contributor of Eyrda
Fate's Dispatch - The Wheel of Fortune moves slowly
Humorous Prosperity - You've done so well, you can't help but laugh in joy
Sanguine Circle - Member of Sanguine Circle Cavalry
Magic Academy Graduate - Forsaken World two-year anniversary celebration, singing all the way.
Heritage of Glory(Occupying)- VIP Unique Title
Shaman - Ting tang walla walla bing bang.
Huntress - Ooo eee oo ah ah!
Abandon - Upper Limit of Health + 150 (This goes into effect when gained) 2012 Xserver PK Champion
.............. - Upper Limit of Health + 100 9(This goes into effect when gained)2012 Xserver PK Contest 2nd place
2012 Xserver PK Contest 3rd place - Upper Limit of Health + 75 (This goes into effect when gained) 2012 Xserver PK Contest 3rd place
Guild Participated 2012 Xserver PK Contest - The participation reward from 2012 Xserver PK Contest 2nd place
2012 Xserver PK Contest Qualifying Guild - Qualifying reward from the 2012 Xserver PK Contest
2012 FW International PK Contest Champion - (This goes into effect when gained) 2012 FW International PK Contest Champion
2012 Xserver PK Contest 2nd place - (Increases Health 150) 2012 Xserver PK Champion
........................................................... - (Increases Health 100) 2012 Xserver PK Contest 2nd place
Leader of the Pack - Leaders are born, not made.
Call of the Wild - We all heed the call, eventually.
Blood Traitor - Cause baby, there ain't no mountain high enough, Ain't no valley low enough, Ain't no river wide enough, To keep me from gettin' to you,baby!

Compensated - I demanded compensation, and all I got was this lousy title.

Hero of the North - special title exclusive to purchasers of the Hero of the North Founder's Pack
Guardian of Neverwinter - special title exclusive to purchasers of the Guardian of the North Founder's Pack
Neverwinter is Coming - special title exclusive to purchasers of the Neverwinter Starter Kit Founder's Pack

Forsaken Aniversary - Celebrating two years of Forsaken World
Forsaken Original - You're a true original

Hungover - Exclusive title granted to the War of Shadows Screenshot Contest Winners
Supernova - I survived the Nova Pack Rollback!
Phoenix - Welcome Back!
Lazarus -
Osiris -
Orpheus -
Charged Up -
Hey, big spender! -
Title flavor text -

US Title 18 - N/A
US Title 19 - N/A
US Title 20 - N/A

VIP Title -

Golden Supreme -
Nut-Tastic -

Fated to Love You - It was destiny

3v3 Arena Overlord - Max Health + 300
King of the 3V3 Arena -
6v6 Arena Overlord -
King of the 6V6 Arena -

Infernal Majesty - All Masteries + 1

Conqueror of the 50th round of Hell Road -

Boundless and Everlasting -

Purchaser Birthday Title -

Sweet Love - 2013 Valentine's Day Pack Title

Forever Love - Forever Love Set Owner
Summer Song - Summer Song Set Owner
Lord of Roses - Owner of the Rose Lord fashion set
Queen of Hearts - Owner of the Heart Queen fashion set

Lovesick - You have received 9 Spring Roses
Love Song - You have received 99 Spring Roses
Fume Blanc - You have received 999 Spring Roses
Expecting a Girlfriend - You have sent out 9 Spring Roses
Sweet Valentine's Day - You have sent out 99 Spring Roses
Love You Forever - You have sent out 999 Spring Roses
Childhood Sweetheart - You have received 3 Spring Roses
Young Love - You have sent out 3 Spring Roses

Superman - Upper Limit of Health + 300 - Tough as steel

Androgenous Spider Person - Evasion + 9 - The powers of a spider and the sexual dimorphism of a cephalopod!
iHawk - Accuracy + 12 - The most hipster super-hero EVER.

Positive Energy - Outgoing

Above Average Man - Max Health + 1000
Nurse Weird - Max Mana + 1000 - You're a Mystical Med School drop-out!
Weapon W - Attack + 50 - Did you just...tape knives to your hands?
Invincible Sodium Man - Defense + 20 - Iron is easy mode, you want a challenge? TRY SODIUM!



All typos are as they stand in the current game and were not made by me!

Complied by Magicka - Storm Legion

aka Samantha Savine ('Sammi_Babe')