"Why do I avoid going to therapists?" - Views: 788 · Hits: 788 - Type: Public

The low cost ones that are the ones affordable to me now are so infuenced by their salaries(well of course, when your salary is very low you tend to think about the moneny you take more than what you do). They are even more scared than me or anybody else to face some problems and if they are to help us, they would just cross their legs, stay with confidence while telling us how hard life is and that it is supposed to be this way. The second I hear this I'm done.

And there are the ones that are worth the cost. But the cost of visiting one of them is something I had better avoid for the moment because if I go I risk to become like all the others, average people ruled by their money. For now although with just a little savigns I manage to go through obstacles well enough. If I spend the money I become depeendent on them which means they give me money I listen to their crap. Sorry for the language I'm using but it's exactly like this.

Last time I went to the school's one that was supposedly very good she started convincing me into doing smth I hate just to get along with my teacher. NO WAY! And you call this a good therapist.

Last time I went to talk with my psychology teacher to tell her why I'm not comming sometimes for the classes. She was like "Hey look at him(TOTALLY ENVIOUS) so boy, you can go ahead and skip classes while me staying here without any chance of going away? Do you think this is right? If I could go away I would just go like this but I can't so stay here and listen."

Long story short, the average(affordable) ones are noth worth a penny, unless you are full of money and your thinking is quite below average. Then they might help. For them pshychology obviously have been stydying dates and names.