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About Passing The Ielts	

Commonly when people reflect on passing the ielts, they contemplate learning english for fun.  The truth of the matter is that these activities are totally different.  If you are really trying to learn english for fun, there are some distinctive preparations you must make in order to follow through your goals.

This book will explore the voyage that will lead to passing the ielts effectively and will serve as a guide to train you for a new level of victory.  There are a few things one should prepare before looking to prepare for the ielts exam.  However before passing the ielts, you first need to assess and make sure that preparing for the ielts exam is an appropriate choice for you.

Following are questions you should take the time to ask yourself:

are you familiar with the format of the exam?

are you ready to work hard?

are you willing to work regularly, every day, for as long as it takes till you get band 7?

If you responded positively with a "yes" to these questions then chances are that passing the ielts is the right activity for your personality type and congratulations for running full force toward achieving your goals by reading this book!

Before getting into what is usually required to prepare for passing the ielts, we will focus on some preparatory steps that people should consider before getting stated.  After all, passing the ielts truly is a journey - a journey of the mind, body and spirit.  It is common sense that you prepare for a voyage before running full force.

Following are some guidelines on preparation to get you on your way:

1 - Using english every day, as much as you can, 

Using english every day, as much as you can,  is a component that people looking to pass the ielts should do.  If you are already accustomed  to using english every day, as much as you can, , when it comes time to prepare for the ielts exam, this will be second nature which is what is ideally needed.

2 - Learning exam-taking techniques

A big part of the discipline that is essential to prepare for passing the ielts involves learning exam-taking techniques.  When you hone your exam-taking techniques, it allows you to be in the best frame of mind for all the preparations that need to occur in order to accomplish the ultimate goal of passing the ielts.

3 - Practising exam tests

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to preparing to pass the ielts is failing on this important consideration.  If you do not consciously practice practising exam tests, it will be difficult to succeed in your goals.  That is how conditional success is on practising exam tests.  If you do not know how to practise exam tests, then keep soaking in these pages because we will focus on that in this book!

Ultimately, passing the ielts involves somewhat more  than just getting out of bed one day to say, "hey, I am going to pass the ielts."  Sure, that is the first step, however in order to really gain any level of success when it comes to passing the ielts, you must prepare and allow yourself time to blossom through the preparations.

Passing The Ielts - A Look Back

You should know that you are not the first person in the world that has the ambition of passing the ielts.  In fact, there are "hundreds, if not thousands" of individuals all over the world that also have a desire to prepare for the ielts exam.  The harsh truth is that only some determined people will actually move forward and do it.

You have asked yourself "are you familiar with the format of the exam?"  There is a logical purpose as to why you had to ask yourself this question.  Anyone who answered no to this question will be completely unable to even take the first stride to actually make passing the ielts a reality.

You already also asked the question "are you ready to work hard?"  You would not have made it to this paragraph in this book if you had responded no to that question.  The harsh truth is that it takes a certain personality type to want to do something, and a totally different type of person to actually do it.

That is awesome for being the sort of person that takes the plunge as opposed to sitting around and just thinking about it.  Looking back, it can be said that people who tried to pass the ielts and failed miserably probably did not truly train their mind, body and spirit.  By reviewing the initial questions to see if you are even of the right mindset and personality to pass the ielts all the way to the very end of the line, you already have a glimpse of what is required to get to the end of the finish line.

Passing the ielts has a very physical aspect to it.  Yet any activity that you prepare for ahead of time will produce a better outcome.  It is like the power behind your mind will lead you to your success.

If you evaluate people who have thrived in passing the ielts either in the recent past, or or going back a long time ago, you will notice one thing mutually shared among those who have achieved success.  They knew what was involved in order to prepare before they dove in, and they were aware of  what type of person is most likely to accomplish success.  When you know what type of person it takes to really pass the ielts, and you know that is your personality type, there is nothing that will block the pathway between you and your victory!

Don't think of learning english for fun.  Passing the ielts requires someone to be competent, determined and hard-working.  We already have an awareness of this.  Now we are prepared to go into the steps involved with passing the ielts so that we can appreciate our future victory.

Just remember, practising exam tests is one of the necessary prerequisites to succeed.  Every time your mind insists that passing the ielts is something maybe you are unable to do, consider that someone who is practising exam tests will be able to eliminate the negativity and remain focused until they achieve their goal.  Let's explore what is needed for preparation now that our thought process is in the right place!

Passing The Ielts - Step by Step

Now that you know what type of person is needed to effectively pass the ielts, along with the attributes that a person who wants to prepare for the ielts exam would require, we can get off the ground with the essential steps of what we need to do.

Without a doubt, the first step is making sure that you are working on improving your overall level of english.  This is so fundamental to making sure that you are ready to pass the ielts.  You can think about working on improving your overall level of english as such: no one can credibly prepare for the ielts exam without working on improving your overall level of english.  It is absolutely infeasible - that is how fundamental this step is.

Working on improving your overall level of english has multiple benefits.  For one, it almost always results in feeling more confident.  Without this, it would be very difficult to pass the ielts.  Also, working on improving your overall level of english results in feeling ready for the exam and doing exam tasks faster and more accurately.  

In addition practising regularly and consistently is required to prepare for the ielts exam.  There are many benefits to this, however just to reiterate the relevant benefits as it relates to passing the ielts, boosting your confidence would be at the top of the list.  Without boosting your confidence, you can guess that it would be extremely difficult to effectively prepare for the ielts exam.

Some additional benefits to practising regularly and consistently as it relates to passing the ielts include controlling timing and planning and putting your best foot forward.  In fact, if you are not deliberately taking action to putting your best foot forward, it may be hard to accomplish anything toward your end goals.  So even if you change your mind about passing the ielts, you should still consider activities that result in putting your best foot forward.

After investing some time and energy working on improving your overall level of english and practising regularly and consistently, you may believe you are ready to pass the ielts.  Despite whether you feel ready or not, test whether you are truly ready or if your mind is avoiding the work involved with the preparation .  For the most part, people that want to pass the ielts spend up to 6 months preparing.

During the latter half of your preparation process, be sure to devote some energy on enjoying the whole process.  It is easy to overlook activities that are specifically designed for enjoying the whole process.  However, by devoting your energy on this specific objective, you will find that you are able to sustain your motivation for longer periods of time.  In addition, enjoying the whole process allows you to feel less stressed out and remember longer.

In just a little bit of time, simply by working on improving your overall level of english, practising regularly and consistently and enjoying the whole process, you will be ready to pass the ielts.  Normally it takes 6 months of preparation and focus to be totally prepared, however this time will go by before you know it.  If you commit to a date to initiate your preparations and figure out the date that comes 6 months later, this will enable your mind to look at that timeframe as the preparation period so you can dedicate your energy on working on improving your overall level of english and practising regularly and consistently.  You will then notice your mind, body and spirit is totally prepared to pass the ielts!