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Experience- teaching kids at the local school to play basketball.

When I play, many times kids gather around me with astonishment uaaaau he is so fast bla bla. I'm not really this fast it's just for them is fast. However, they come and ask the usual questions how do you do this can you show me.. and so on. Some of them come and want me to train them so I train them. When they come they are really not good at anything. What I really do is just showing them some tricks on the court and telling them every 10 minutes "wooow you improve so fast, you're good at it". Eventually after a month they really become very good and interested in it. In the beginning they just throw the ball around. Then after the month of trainng has passed they have started playing more seriously and in general taking themselves more seriously thinking that they can really show off with what they do and that they should really work more over it. So in the end many of them end up training themselves the way I did with even much more interest than when I train them. They believe they are good at it. So they become.