TextUploader.com Help Center - Uploading Text

Uploading Text Basics

In previous iterations of TextUploader.com, the process would dictate that a file be uploaded to our servers and then we would create a post with the contents provided. The improvements in browser capabilities have allowed us to simplify this process utilizing some enhanced javascript.

To post the contents of a file:

  1. Drag the file over the "drop zone" on the home page. After you let go, the file is not actually transmitted to TextUploader but merely extracted by your local machine. NOTE: You can drag and drop any file you'd like, but only files that contain plain text (such as .TXT, .PHP, .RB, .SH, etc) can be parsed. Others (like .DOC, .ZIP, etc) will not render as you expect.

  2. This extracted text can then be edited BEFORE saved to TextUploader.com. The "optional title" is pre-filled with the filename (which you can obviously change).

  3. The rest of the process is just like what you are used to when creating a basic post