TextUploader.com Help Center - Post Management

Post Management

Managing your posts works in much the same way as creating a post. In fact, the same set of inputs is maintained for the actual edit process. Some things of note as as follows:

  1. To edit a post, you must have created an account and uploaded the text using that account (AKA - be signed in!). After you log in, you can see your dashboard with your posts. Clicking the Edit link will bring you to - you guessed it - the edit screen!

  2. Right now, we are maintaining the last 10 revisions of text. Keep in mind, you can always create a new post if you hit that limit, but you will lose the ability to diff two different versions of your content. As we see how our storage increases with this new functionality, we will likely modify the amount of revisions saved based on account type (i.e. premium vs free).

  3. We do not offer a direct way to restore deleted posts. However, this functionality might be available in future versions of TextUploader. To that effect, be careful when deleting your content (as this will delete the post and all revisions).

  4. If you haven't noticed, TextUploader.com maintains a hit and view counter. Hits are attempts to access your content (expired or not), while views are actual eyes on your content. We will be throttling how many views/hits are counted, but the details on that formula are not finalized (i.e. 1 view / 1 hit per person per hour).