TextUploader.com Help Center - Creating a Post

Creating a Post

Creating a post on TextUploader.com is meant to be fast and simple. That is not to say, however, that the process doesn't present some powerful options to help deliver your text online.

When creating a post as an anonymous user, you will lose out on some built-in TextUploader.com features. For example, revisions for anonymous posts are not available. Since anonymous posts cannot be modified after they are submitted, there is no way to create a revision history. If you want to benefit from revisions, make sure you sign into your TextUploader.com account!

  1. You can paste in your text or drag a file onto our file uploader. After your text is in the post box, you can give the post an optional title. All of our dates are managed via UTC but are displayed in CST unless changed in your account settings.

  2. Syntax highlighting will always default to Auto, but you are welcome to change to our growing list of recognized languages. You can also remove any formatting by selecting "none" from the drop down options.

  3. Lastly, display. As of now, there is no way to "privatize" text on TextUploader.com Anything you post can be accessed by it's short link by any visitor. However, you can request a meta robots tag that tells search engines not to index the content. Keep in mind, however, search engines have a mind of their own and might index the content whether you like it or not.

  4. When you are ready, click submit! You will be re-directed to your new text upload. Each post has two URLs: a long url (i.e. textuploader.com/123) and a short url (i.e. txt.do/123). You are welcome to utilize whichever URL you prefer.

REMEMBER: Clicking submit is an agreement to abide by our Terms of Service and DMCA policies. Also, if you submit text with an anonymous account, you will lose your ability to remove the post (or un-expire it), edit it, or manage it's revision history.