TextUploader.com Help Center - Introduction

What is TextUploader.com all about?

TextUploader.com is a free text hosting application. We provide features such as: syntax highlighting, url shortening, simple interface, drag n' drop text file uploads, post TTLs, post revisions, post-by-email and much more. TextUploader.com is designed to be simple and powerful, and we hope the information contained within these pages well help you better understand our site and discover new functionality.

Before we begin

TextUploader.com does not require users to sign up to post, share and save text. However, additional features do exist when you sign up for your free account. TextUploader also reduces throttle limits and increases capabilities when you have a TextUploader.com account. If you have not already done so, it will be well worth the time to sign up for account!

What in the world is TL:DR;?

Too long; didn't read. We try to shorten things from time-to-time for the quick starters out there. Generally, our TL:DR; sections can be found at the top of a long page or on the right hand side.

Is this all free?

TextUploader operates on a freemium model. We anticipate that this model will never go away and will be entirely supported by ad-based revenues. In the future, however, as we introduce more functionality and features we plan on offer a paid subscription service to help cover costs for hosting and development.

I'm a developer!

Awesome! We'd love to have you include TextUploader.com services into your product. Each TextUploader.com account comes with it's own API key with a reasonable throttle limit. If you are integrating our service on a larger scale, please contact us at [email protected] so we can create a specialized set of keys for you. For more information on our API, check out our Developers section.

Unanswered questions

Have a question or comment that is not covered? Please email us at [email protected]