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<blockquote>We all understood the comment and that’s the primary purpose of language</blockquote>

I respect the fact that you might find it hard to believe this but perhaps owing to English not really being my first language, I actually didn't really understand (not that part. The rest of the comment I understood so I didn't quote it). Many other readers maybe got as confused but didn't bother to ask (though yeah maybe it's just me)

<blockquote>correcting other people’s use of language.</blockquote>

I wasn't. Krxx must be fun at social gatherings - seeing someone confused and deciding they're correcting grammar.

Anyway, here's what came to my mind

<blockquote>braking his car again and again</blockquote>

The most probable meaning would be that he broke the car. OK, it seems it is. So sorry for not quite getting that.

Now what exactly do you mean? That VES simply Maldonadoes more often than RIC? (He does. Hasn't quite been the case the last few races but "last few races" doesn't mean we've got a "new VES" or anything, at least yet). In that case I won't disagree, though a pre-Enstone Maldonado consistency of crashing seems to be implied in which case I wouldn't really agree, though it'd still be a visible negative of VES compared to at least most other drivers who have had their hands on a post-FOTA top 3 car.

OTOH, if you're saying VES "overdrives the car into breaking" (someone did that to IIRC VET when he went through a bit of an unreliability spell - didn't stop the VET/RB(insert integer) combo from taking 4 WDCs but anyway), than that'd just be preposterous. Early '80s turbo cars were less reliable than the DFV cars they raced against and I wouldn't blame their drivers for it, same here.

Another possibility that actually came to my mind was marcelh saying "braking" as a way to ridicule VES' frequency of crashing, with the implication being his car breaks under his hands so often one might as well say he <em>breaks</em> his car as often as he <em>brakes</em>. While VES really has to improve (regardless of whether he <em>can</em> and <em>will</em> - he needs to. That said GRO did so forgive me for thinking that's at least a possibility) a lot on this front (he seems to but it's only been a few races so I'd recommend VES fans to hold their horses) I wouldn't call doing that fair.

With so many possible intentions I figured was possible even a "what do you mean by that" wouldn't have been clear enough since it would look like I was deriding you all for making a statement against VES (which unfortunately is what the question mark I ended up putting still managed to be. Sorry!).

VES still has much to improve and I'm not even much of a fan of him (or hater, meaning any comments reeling to much towards hate/love can get me annoyed. Sometimes enough to comment. Sometimes only with a question mark. Sorry). I've joined (or at least agreed with) the ridiculing Ziggo sport online a few times for things like <a href="https://www.gemistvoornmt.nl/aflevering/1268081-voetbal-met-champagne-na-overwinning-max">this</a> and as much of an oranjebril krxx accuses me of wearing, I'm not Dutch (if you're Dutch and that coumpound word doesn't exist, sorry). In fact someone from my country actually drove in F1 once. He wasn't very good and I didn't defend the ridiculousness of that time he won an online poll. I don't even defend VES much in comparison to other driver(s) I'm much closer to being in a fanatic brigade of (something I'm sure @patrickl can testify to - sorry for dragging you into this!). I mean you could've just taken a glance at my comment history here.

not every one speaks english as first second or third language, so you might decide I failed to make my comment comprehensible anyway. At least I tried, but in that case sorry. :)

P.S. I've just realised having Stroopwafels in my profile pic doesn't really help your initial perception of me. It's been there before VES was on the radar (and yeah doesn't lend my claim to not being Dutch more credibility but an extensive look at my commenting history would help, though that'd mean looking through several years of comments so you might want to just take my words). Check archive.org if need be.