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Ncvt mis 1st

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The result will be available on the JCECEB website. The merit list will decide the process of the students counseling and the admission. The candidates who have given this exam are waiting for Jharkhand ITI Result 2018. Ways to check Jharkhand NCVT ITI Result 2018 1 Visit the official website of the Jharkhand Combined Entrance Competitive Examination Board JCECE - jceceb. On the other hand, then you must follow our website — for accurate notifications, information, result, dates, etc. College Name Code City 1 AAKASH GANGA PRIVATE ITI Bokaro PR20000221 2 Asha PVT ITI Bokaro PR20000088 3 Birsa Vikash Industrial Training Centre Bokaro PR20000027 4 Bokaro PVT ITI Bokaro PR20000123 5 Bokaro Private PVT ITI Bokaro PR20000180 6 Bright Private ITI Bokaro PR20000140 7 BRIGHT PRIVATE ITI Bokaro PU20000218 8 CMCE Private ITI Bokaro PU20000219 9 Dr. Ambedkar PVT ITI Bokaro PR20000124 10 Drona Pvt Iti Bokaro PR20000200 11 Dugda Pvt Iti Bokaro PR20000201 12 DVC Private ITI Bokaro PR20000186 13 Govt. Industrial Training Institute, Bokaro Bokaro GR20000008 14 Gyanshila Private ITI Bokaro PR20000141 15 J. Private ITI Bokaro PR20000154 16 J. Memorial PVT ITI Deoghar PR20000126 32 Baidyanath Dham Industrial Training Centre Deoghar PR20000037 33 Bright PVT ITI Deoghar PR20000086 34 Chanakya Private ITI Deoghar PR20000138 35 Deoghar Industrial Training Centre Sarkar Bhawan Couk Deoghar PR20000063 36 Jharkhand PVT ITI Deoghar PR20000105 37 Maa Parwati PVT ITI Deoghar PR20000104 38 Maa Sharda PVT ITI Deoghar PR20000103 39 Maha Laxmi PVT ITI Deoghar PR20000107 40 Mahadev Parvati Private ITI Deoghar PU20000220 41 Mahadev Private ITI Deoghar PR20000196 42 Om Shivam Pvt. I Deoghar PU20000211 43 Shanti PVT ITI Deoghar PR20000106 44 Shivam Industrail Training Centre Bompoass Town Deoghar PR20000064 45 SPMD PRIVATE ITI Deoghar PR20000230 46 Aryabhatta Private ITI Dhanbad PR20000153 47 Asha Industrail Training Centre Basta Colla Jharia Road Dhanbad PR20000042 48 Baliapur Institute of Technology North Campus Dhanbad PR20000059 49 Baliapur Institute of Technology Sharpura Dhanbad PR20000016 50 Baliapur Instt. S Industrail Training Centre Binod Nagar Dhanbad PR20000068 63 Jai Guru PVT ITI Dhanbad PR20000025 64 K. PVT ITI Campus-II Dhanbad PR20000051 65 K. Industrial Training Institute, Bekar Bandh Dhanbad PR20000020 66 Kalyani Industiral Training Centre Moti Nagar Sidri Dhanbad PR20000061 67 Kaushalya Private ITI Dhanbad PR20000239 68 Koyalanchal PVT ITI Dhanbad PR20000131 69 Kumar PVT ITI Dhanbad PR20000091 70 Life Line PVT ITI, Kumar Dhubi Dhanbad PR20000052 71 MULTI CRAFT PVT ITI Dhanbad PR20000208 72 Multi Tech PVT ITI Dhanbad PR20000074 73 R M Private ITI Dhanbad PR20000137 74 R. Rajendra Prasad PVT ITI Dumka PR20000117 84 Gandhian Institute of Technology Dumka PR20000036 85 Govt Industrial Training Institute Dumka GR20000013 86 Industrail Training Centre Phase II Bandarjori Dumka PR20000070 87 Industrial Training Centre, DUMKA Dumka GR20000022 88 Pt. Udit Narayan Institute of Technology Private ITI Dumka PR20000170 89 Santhal Pargana Private ITI Dumka PR20000139 90 shri krishna institute of technology Private ITI Dumka PR20000225 91 Iti Ranka Garhwa PR20000204 92 Woman I. Garhwa Garhwa PR20000214 93 PARSHWANATH PRIVATE ITI Giridih PR20000237 94 BHARTI PRIVATE ITI Godda PR20000222 95 HINDUSTAN PRIVATE ITI Godda PR20000216 96 Nav Bharat Private Iti Godda PU20000209 97 OP Jindal Community college Godda Godda PR20000125 98 Satyendra Private ITI Godda PR20000165 99 Sri Sai Pvt ITI Godda PU20000215 100 Gumla Private ITI Gumla PR20000161 101 Ambiya Private ITI Hazaribagh PR20000148 102 Bharati PVT ITI Hazaribagh PR20000093 103 Dr. Rajendra Prasad Industrial Training Centre Hazaribagh PR20000034 104 Gautam Budh PVT ITI Hazaribagh PR20000111 105 Govt Industrial Training Institute Hazaribagh GR20000005 106 HAZARIBAGH Private ITI Hazaribagh PU20000234 107 Kalptaru Private ITI Hazaribagh PR20000147 108 Ntpc-Maiti Barkagaon Private Industrial Training Institute Hazaribagh PR20000210 109 R K PRIVATE ITI Hazaribagh PR20000243 110 Sapthagiri PVT ITI Hazaribagh PR20000078 111 Saraswati Private ITI Hazaribagh PR20000077 112 Sardar Patel Industrial Training Centre Dirpugarha Canary Hazaribagh PR20000056 113 Srinivasa Institute of Technology PVT ITI Hazaribagh PR20000094 114 VIVEKANANDA Private ITI Hazaribagh PU20000236 115 chittaranjan PVT ITI Jamtara PR20000183 116 krishna Private ITI Jamtara PR20000184 117 Sanskar Pvt. Iti Palamu PU20000202 128 Industrail Training Centre Radma Nagar Palamu PR20000048 129 Industrial Training Centre Palamu PR20000018 130 Jyoti Private ITI Palamu PR20000146 131 Maharana Pratap Private PVT ITI Palamu PR20000190 132 National Private ITI Palamu PR20000193 133 Om Private ITI Palamu PR20000172 134 Prerna Industrial Training Centre Medininagar Palamu PR20000058 135 Ramchandra Chandravansi PVT ITI Palamu PR20000087 136 SRM Chitransh Private ITI Palamu PR20000235 137 Sumitra Industrail Training Centre Rehala Palamu Palamu PR20000071 138 Sumitra PVT ITI Palamu PR20000075 139 Women ITI,Daltonganj Palamu PU20000241 140 Govt. Industrial Training Institute, Chaibasa Pashchimi Singhbhum GR20000009 141 JIS ITI-CHAKRADHARPUR Pashchimi Singhbhum PR20000242 142 Om Sai Private ITI Pashchimi Singhbhum PR20000166 143 Raj PVT ITI Pashchimi Singhbhum PR20000108 144 Regional institute of Technical Eduction Pashchimi Singhbhum PR20000065 145 RITE PVT ITI, Chakradharpur Pashchimi Singhbhum PR20000066 146 Amyank PVT ITI Purbi Singhbhum PR20000095 147 Balajee Industrial Training Centre, Baharagora Purbi Singhbhum PR20000030 148 Bharat PVT ITI Purbi Singhbhum PR20000097 149 Bimlesh Technical Institute Purbi Singhbhum PR20000090 150 Freedom PVT ITI Purbi Singhbhum PR20000050 151 Govt Industrail Training Centre for Women Jameshedpur Purbi Singhbhum GR20000040 152 Govt. Ramgarh PR20000217 178 Maa Banjari PVT ITI Ramgarh PR20000192 179 O. O Kamre, Ratu Road Ranchi PR20000053 193 Desh Bandhu Private ITI Ranchi PR20000163 194 Don Bosco PVT ITI Ranchi PR20000015 195 Ghandhian Institute of Technology Ranchi PR20000001 196 Govt Industrial Training Institute Ranchi GR20000004 197 Govt Industrial Training Institute for Women Ranchi GR20000012 198 HEC Training Institute Ranchi PR20000023 199 Imperial Pvt. Iti Ranchi PR20000203 200 Indian PVT ITI Ranchi PR20000101 201 Indusrail Training Centre Upper chutiya Ranchi PR20000060 202 Industrail Training Centre Ranchi PR20000043 203 Industrial Training Institute Welfare , Ranchi Ranchi GR20000011 204 JANJATIA PRIVATE ITI COLLEGE Ranchi PU20000227 205 JVS Instt. Iti Sahibganj PR20000206 231 Amritanshu Private ITI Saraikela-Kharsawan PR20000151 232 Bhabha Private ITI Saraikela-Kharsawan PR20000150 233 Deo PVT ITI Saraikela-Kharsawan PR20000129 234 Gandhi Institute of Private ITI Saraikela-Kharsawan PR20000157 235 Gandhi PVT ITI Saraikela-Kharsawan PR20000119 236 Indodanish tool room Saraikela-Kharsawan PU20000041 237 Jharkhand Private ITI, Saraikela-Kharsawan PR20000134 238 Jojo PVT ITI Saraikela-Kharsawan PR20000118 239 Kamla Nehru Private ITI Saraikela-Kharsawan PR20000155 240 Narayan Private ITI Saraikela-Kharsawan PR20000199 241 Shalimar PVT ITI Saraikela-Kharsawan PR20000120 242 SRI SIDHI VINAYAK PRIVATE ITI Saraikela-Kharsawan PR20000232 243 Swarnrekha Private ITI Saraikela-Kharsawan PR20000189 244 SWASTIK Private ITI Saraikela-Kharsawan PR20000229 245 Unique PVT ITI ,Choko Saraikela-Kharsawan PR20000176 246 Nice PVT ITI Simdega PR20000110 ITI state wise Results.