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Rtw exhibition dizzy razor vs cartridge

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This trick is incredibly simple and just as incredibly effective. With the below method, I have now gone about eight months using the exact same cartridge and the blades on the cartridge are as sharp as when I first popped the cartridge on. I have no idea how long this will keep up, but now a package of 12 cartridges is apparently going to last me at least 12 years or more. Before or after you shave I prefer before so that the blades are dry , place your jeans on a hard flat surface; then run the razor up the pant legs about 10-15 times quickly; then repeat running it down the pant legs 10-15 times quickly. No need to press that hard, but a little pressure is necessary. In both instances, you want to point the top of the razor in the direction you are rubbing the shaver on the pants. The threads on the jeans then will very effectively both fix any tiny bends in the blades that inevitably happen and will also sharpen the blades on your shaver cartidge. Pro-tip: rather than always having to grab a pair of jeans to do this with, I just cut the pant leg off some old jeans I was throwing away and put it in the same drawer as my shaver. The same pant leg has so far sharpened the blades on my shaver cartidge quite well for going on eight months now. Providing you start shaving from the age of, shall we say, 15? Hey Joe, can I have your couch dollars? I wonder if this would work as well on the disposable razors made for women, since those are often rounded and have weird little lotion strips on them. Nothing works like a good couple of taps on the sink to dislodge the residue. I suspect the only thing that kristy shaves is her mustache. I shave my head every day and go through razors much faster than the rare times I shave my beard. A Mach 3 typically lasts me only about 3 shaves, so I am burning through money on these things. I look forward to giving this a try tomorrow morning. Being frugal does not equal being cheap. Joe and Krusty, get a life. I have a hard beard so I notice those things. When my lady boss girlfriend gets tired of it and forces me to shave, I will certainly try your tips out. The shave is much, much nicer and it feels way classier than those insanely overpriced plastic cartridges. Quit getting taken by Gillette and their ilk. Sounds OK, but I have a system? I discovered this by accident and have found it to be a real money saver. I use a Gillette Mach3 that I have owned for several years now and have only needed to buy new blades every year or so. I use the blades for at least 4-6 months each. The only reason I change the blade is because I feel I should get the sharpest blade I can on my razor. I do notice a small improvement whenever I do change the blade, but I am convinced that blades will last much, much linger than the commercials would have you believe. Try it for yourself. You might just be surprised. Just remember to really soak your face with the hottest water you can reasonably stand prior to shaving. One handle can fit any brand of safety razor and there are many …Imagine that! Lastly — this shaving system will require that you really learn how to shave. Cartridges are very forgiving, real razors are not. But, once you get the hang of it, you will never go back. There are forums and the like that discuss these in greater detail. Safety razor systems use the extreme sharpness of a single blade to cut a hair cleanly as opposed to using multiple relatively dull blades to pull the hair apart. It removes excessive amount of the natural oils from your skin. Baby Oil is a petroluem based Oil, to save money you might as well use engine from you car, again not good for your skin. Two Methods I use,! Just dry it after use, strop it every two or three shaves a strop is best IMO, but an old leather belt, the heel of your hand—be sure you go the right direction—or the jeans should work well. How silly is that! There is even easier way … Take the razor and run it on your arm in the opposite way of shaving … It does the same thing, just run it 10 times while you are in the bathroom before shaving, works lika a charm. I have yet to figure out what purpose electric razors have or how they are convenient for anyone. Every other day will probably do fine, and your skin will thank you. The water molecules drain away from the cutting edge and this keeps the blade from rusting or otherwise getting dull. Lasts a whole lot longer than placing the razor face down. What a load of bollocks. With a bit of practice and preparation you can can get a shave BETTER than a cartridge razor and 30 double sided blades i. I use hand lotion instead of soap or shaving cream. The oil in the lotion helps reduce corrosion. Disposable razors usually last at least a month. The rubbing of the razor blade over your jeans is stropping just like barbers and others that use a straight razor. } I clean the razor with hot water, then place the blade into some olive oil or some other vegetable oil in a dish. This drives the water off the blade, thus cutting oxidization. This has not failed in keeping the blade in optimum shape to the maximum extent. It is much less work than the method described in this article. FYI, I use hair conditioner in lieu of shaving foam. It lubricates the skin and beard much better making for a smoother shave. It is much less irritating on my skin than soap. Any WWII veteran or someone who lived through the great depression knows the answer to this one. Use as much hot water on your face as you want. This makes the edge dull perhaps because the hot water softens the metal. When rinsing with only cold water the blade goes in the other direction by contraction first and then expansion back to its normal size as the temperature goes from cold back to normal temperature again. This does not dull the edge. With blades these days it is even worse. Hot or even warm water will soften the polymer coating on the blade. Then when the blade expands because of the warm or hot water the polymer stretches. When it contracts again not only is the edge dull but the polymer is all wrinkled up which effectively makes the blade seem even more dull. This happens pretty much instantly and is great for companies who manufacture razor blades because the consumer has to replace the blade sooner. To test this, lather and shave only half your face with a new razor be sure to always rinse it in very cold water. When finished this side of your face, rinse the razor several times while changing the temperature of the water from hot to cold. Now lather and shave the other side of your face. If you do not immediately notice that the blade is now more dull you will for sure notice the next time you use the razor. Mine usually last until the wife takes them in the shower. I have had some blades stay perfectly sharp for at least a few years of daily shaving. The Fusion cartridges are very expensive. I was getting ready to buy a new pack of 4 due to mine dulling when I ran across this. I decided to follow your advice. The shave from this has been just as close and smooth as a new one and I shave just about every day. At this rate it could be a while before I need to purchase a new pack of cartridges. Thanks a bunch Daven for your info. Now, I have an awesome offer for you! Click here, and here and here and over here, then call this number to collect your winnings! If that number is busy, call the following 10 numbers and an agent will be happy to help solve mysteries of life. Long live the frugal shaving man! I have been using the same blade since before April. It is now almost October, and all I have been doing is blowing vigorously on the blade, drying it after each shave. I am using the Schick Hydro 5. I am interested in the Jeans technique however. If this blade I am using gets to go dull, I certainly will give it a shot. Decent stainless blades can be bought most places, even today. Stropping them does help maintain the edge, though with such a potentially minimal outlay for world-class shaves, you may not feel the need to do so. I tried it and put to much pressure on my shavor, against the jeans. Little pressure sounds like it works fine. Being basically slack, I have been stropping my disposable on my hand, hoping the ridges strop the edge. Stand under the shower, shave, strop the blade 20+ times away from the edge and chuck it on the shelf. Seems to be working so far after a few weeks. No extra process with the jeans, newspaper etc out of the shower. When in the army —11951 — used Rolls Razor which had stropping mechanism built it. Second hand still available sometimes on eBay. But found an ad in The Guardian for a solid rubber razor sharpener and holder. Blade now lasts me six months or so depending on original blade. The jeans idea I am sure work as well. Would glue it to wooden board to make it easier to handle. Sites like this make Internet worthwhile. I was sent home from school in the 5th grade because I had a moustache and have been shaving ever since. I grew a beard for about 16 years but, a promotion at work caused me to remove the hairy growth. I tried all types of shavers, electric ones ate my skin under my chin and neck area. This rubber block works fantastic the fusion blades come in a 4 pack that snaps onto the razor holder. I was in the USMC and had to shave twice a day. I have no financial interest in this company other than the twenty bucks I spent on the initial purchase. I have plenty of used blades to use.. I hope this is useful if not informational. I like the idea of making a blade last longer! I usually just use the razor on my legs. Then, I run the razor up a towel razor touching the towel dry it, then store it away from moisture. I NEVER pay for any razors anymore. Remember, we are ALL a few paychecks away from the curb! I hope that his couch goes with the street decor! I have been using a clean, dry towel to increase cartridge blade life. After shaving, I rinse razor, shake off excess water and then use towel in the same way as the jeans method. This both thoroughly dries and sharpens razor blade. I then use a toothbrush and apply some rubbing alcohol to blade. Will certainly try the jeans method which would seem to work better for dull blades where it was suggested razor be rubbed in both directions. A good electric shaver would cost you min. You also need to factor in maintenance since they are electrics. On the other hand, for max £40 you are sorted for 2 years using good old razor blades. You do the maths!