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Avg driver updater license key free

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UPDATE: We have had a few readers point out that the software is no longer totally free, and tries to get you to install some junkware as well. We will have to remove our recommendation. Device Doctor comes in two flavors—the regular installable version, and a portable executable that you can throw on a flash drive and use anywhere. You can then click the Download update on each one to actually grab that driver. Did we mention free? Because there are just so many devices and drivers out there for PCs, you might find that Device Doctor points you to the wrong driver, or an outdated version—and if that happens you should make sure to report an incorrect driver with the link on the driver download page: Since Device Doctor is still a very young software, feedback from users is very helpful, and over time the kinks will be worked out. Before You Install Drivers! You should always take a time-out before you install a new driver and create a System Restore point, which will enable you to quickly roll back in the case of a failure. We simply cannot state this more strongly! The rest is pretty self-explanatory—browse to the folder you extracted the drivers, and run through the rest of the wizard. So, How Well Does It Work? In our testing, Device Doctor worked really well for our Windows XP test system—it found 9 drivers that needed updating, and we verified that they were indeed the correct drivers. The Device Doctor people assure me that they are adding thousands of new Windows 7 drivers each week, so the problem should work itself out. What Drivers Should I Update? Also, better drivers make your system faster. Personally I grab these from the manufacturer site. How to Check the Version of Your Installed Drivers Updating your system drivers is all fine and good, but how do you know what version of the driver you already have installed? What you should keep in mind is that Microsoft makes their own drivers for some popular devices, but you can switch to the manufacturer driver instead, which usually is updated more frequently. More About Device Doctor We spoke to the guys that actually make Device Doctor, and they assured us that Device Doctor is completely free, and will continue to always be completely free. You can report incorrect drivers on the download page, or leave suggestions on their forum—the more that everybody reports mistakes, the more accurate the detection will be in the future.