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Fifa mobile 19 beta nasıl olacak

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Which leagues should be featured in PES 2018? Here you can vote for the leagues you would like to see in PES 2018. Drop your vote here and show Konami which leagues should be fully licensed in the next Pro Evolution Soccer game. Your favourite league name does not exist here? You can ask us or on our to add it to this list. Bence bu bur uydurmaca çünkü Pes 2018 de buradaki oylamalara bakılırsa Liga BBVA olmayacak buda Atletico Madrid , Real Madrid , Barcelona gibi devlerin olmayacağını gösteriyor. Automatically Translated: I think this is fitting because if Pes 2018 has a look at the scoring there, it will not be Liga BBVA, which means that there will be no giants like Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid, Barcelona. Jom kita meriahkan Pes 2018 dengan kemasukkan Liga Malaysia tahun depan, klik link dibawah untuk undian. Jangan Lupa Sebarkan post ini. Ayuh Peminat Bola Sepak Tanah Air, tahun depan kita punya. Mntak tlg vote liga malaysia.. Yg mana minat main pes… Klau korang vote liga malaysia bnyak2.. Pes 2018 akan dilancarkan… Jadi mari kita vote ramai2 liga malaysia untuk liga kita berada dalam pes 2018 They need to add the German leagues even if they and all the teams in them are not licensed. They should have a German 1 and German 2 just like they do for England. They also need a Russian, Turkish, Netherlands league 1 at least. Just give us the structure this year even if only a few of the teams are licensed. Same for English 3 and 4.