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Leonard Cohen - Songs of Leonard Cohen (1967) {Original US Mono 1A/1A Columbia}
16bit/44.1kHz (Redbook Audio for CD burning)

01. Suzanne
02. Master Song
03. Winter Lady
04. The Stranger Song
05. Sisters Of Mercy
06. So Long, Marianne
07. Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye
08. Stories Of The Street
09. Teachers
10. One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong

All tracks are Mono.
These mixes did never appear officially on CD.

Produced by John Simon (& Leonard Cohen uncredited)
Mixed by Leonard Cohen & unknown engineer (both uncredited)

- Technics 1210mk2 
- Jelco SA-750D Tonearm (w/ JAC 501 cable)
- Audio Technica AT-33PTG
- Pro-Ject Tube Box SE-2 
- Yamaha CA-1010  
- RME ADI-2 A/D Interface 

- Audition 3.0 used for adjusting DC bias. editing. (incl. manual removal of clicks 
   and pops.. adding gain and making the cue points.
- Click Repair 3.7 used with setting Cl: 5. Cr: 0
- CueListTool v1.7 & Mediaval CueSplitter used for generating the .cue's & .m3u's.
- MBit+ dithering and Sox Resampler used for converting to standard wav format.

Transfer & Restoration by Prof. Stoned


Prof sez:

Here's another one in the series "essential in mono but not available on cd". This is a fresh rip
to replace the first one I did in 2010. They are very close, except that this one is slightly less
brighter sounding to match a near neutral response. 

A brilliant debut of a highly influential writer and performer. This was Cohen's 'The Freewheelin'.
I never tire of this album after years of listening. In fact, once I get older it's lyrical & musical depth only 
seem to broaden. 
This rare dedicated mono mix does not just offer a different glimpse. It merely provides a whole new sonic 
dimension to what already was an athmospheric recording. 
Despite the fact that Sony has rejected it from their reissue's, it is THE mix. I'm sure only the most 
fanatical stereo purists will disagree with me.

This was transferred from an NM copy.
You can hear some noises that you may perceive as clicks. However, these are artifacts picked
up by the vocal mic and can be heard on the official stereo CD's as well.  
The record was professionally and carefully cleaned in three steps using Audio Intelligent�s 
Enzymantic formula, Super Cleaner Formula, and Ultra pure water on a VPI 16.5 
(using VPI brushes) and Nitty Gritty mini-pro 2. After applying a light setting of CR, a handful of clicks
were removed manually, as the vinyl was very quiet to begin with.