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The Paul Butterfield Band - The Paul Butterfield Band (1965) Orig. US Mono
24bit/96kHz (High Resolution Audio)

01. Born In Chicago 
02. Shake Your Money-Maker 
03. Blues With A Feeling 
04. Thank You Mr.Poobah 
05. I Got My Mojo Working 
06. Mellow Down Easy 
07. Screamin� 
08. Our Love Is Drifting 
09. Mystery Train 
10. Last Night 
11. Look Over Yonders Wall
12. Spoonful
13. Off the Wall
14. Lovin' Cup
15. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
16. One More Mile

All tracks Mono.
These mixes did never appear officially on CD.

Produced by Paul Rothchild with Mark Abramson 
Recorded at Mastertone Studio, New York City, NY, 09/1965 & 12/1964 (Tr. 12-16)

- Technics 1210mk2   
- Jelco SA-750D Tonearm (w/ JAC 501 cable)
- Audio Technica AT-33PTG
- Pro-Ject Tube Box SE-2 
- Yamaha CA-1010  
- RME ADI-2 A/D Interface 

- Audition 3.0 used for adjusting DC bias. editing. (incl. manual removal of clicks 
   and pops.. adding gain and making the cue points.
- Click Repair 3.7 used with setting Cl: 10  Cr: 0
- CueListTool v1.7 & Mediaval CueSplitter used for generating the .cue's & .m3u's.

Transfer & Restoration by Prof. Stoned


Prof sez:

Here's another one in the series "essential in mono but not available on cd". Transferred from
a vintage copy that was kept sealed for 46 years until I opened it recently.

Here we have one of the greasiest electric blues albums from the 60's, recorded by an interracial
group of badass kids from Chicago, the hometown of the electric blues and essentially the same band
(minus Butterfield) that backed Dylan on his infamous Newport '65 show. It's is probably the 
most influential white blues album from the 60's, save from John Mayall's Bluesbreakers album 

It was also the first "rock" record to appear on the legendary Elektra label. Up until then, label owner 
Jac Holzman had specialised in folk music but wanted to expand his roster with other musical directions. 
His right-hand Paul A. Rothchild was the man ultimately responsible for signing the band and adding 
Mike Bloomfield to the line-up. Make sure to read this fascinating chapter from Holzman's book: 
http://www.followthemusic.com/chapter-8 (also included here in another txt file just in case it has gone 

This record and its predecessor have been lovingly remastered in stereo by Bob Irwin in 1997 (available
on vinyl on the Sundazed label and as a two-fer on an European-only 2CD). But the mono versions
of these two classic albums have not been available since the late 60's. The fat greasy sound of the
band was best captured on these vintage monaural mixes and therefore this is an essential addition
to your collection. The bonustracks are of course from the 1966 "What's shaking" Elektra sampler.
These tracks were sourced from the rejected initial sessions. Sundazed has done a really nice
vinyl reissue of the mono album in 2003, but this too has yet to see its debut on CD in mono.

The record was professionally and carefully cleaned in three steps using Audio Intelligent�s Enzymantic formula, 
Super Cleaner Formula, and Ultra pure water on a VPI 16.5 (using VPI brushes) and Nitty Gritty mini-pro 2. 
I cleaned up some clicks and pops manually. All restoration was done without harming the music.