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Simon & Garfunkel - The Complete Singles Collection 1965-1970 
24bit/96kHz (Hi-Rez Audio)

First released May 2013
Revision 1 released May 2014
Revision 2 released Apr 2016

01.  The Sounds Of Silence� (Columbia 4-43396, 1965, #1)
02.  We�ve Got A Groovey Thing Goin��
03.  Homeward Bound� (Columbia 4-43511, 1966, #5)
04.  Leaves That Are Green�
05.  I Am A Rock (Columbia 4-43617, 1966, #3)
06.  Flowers Never Bend With The Rainfall�
07.  The Dangling Conversation� (Columbia 4-43728, 1966, #25)
08.  The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine�
09.  A Hazy Shade Of Winter (Columbia 4-43873, 1966, #13)
10.  For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her�
11.  At The Zoo� (Columbia 4-44046, 1967, #16)
12.  The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin� Groovy)�
13.  Fakin� It� (Columbia 4-44232, 1967, #23)
14.  You Don�t Know Where Your Interest Lies
15.  Scarborough Fair/Canticle� (Columbia 4-44465, 1967, #11)
16.  April Come She Will�
17.  Mrs. Robinson (Columbia 4-44511, 1968, #1)
18.  Old Friends/Bookends
19.  The Boxer (Columbia 4-44785, 1969, #7)
20.  Baby Driver
21.  Bridge Over Troubled Water (Columbia 4-45079, 1970, #1)
22.  Keep The Customer Satisfied
23.  Cecilia (Columbia 4-45133, 1970, #4)
24.  The Only Living Boy In New York
25.  El Condor Pasa (If I Could)* (Columbia 4-45237, 1970, #18)
26.  Why Don�t You Write Me*

All tracks transferred by Prof. Stoned from original singles except � transferred from LP
All tracks mono except * stereo

==About the album==

These 26 tracks represent Simon & Garfunkel's US singles output from 1965 to 1970.

Thirteen tracks have been sourced from original US singles. These tracks have mixes or mastering not available elsewhere. 
The remaining 13 tracks have been sourced from original US LPs. The LP mixes are the same as the corresponding singles, 
however--and keep this in mind if you strive for absolute authenticity--singles were often cut louder with greater presence 
and more punch. LP sources have been used though because a) they are easier to come by in acceptable condition and 
b) the LP mastering is much more representative of how these recordings sounded in the studio. They have greater dynamic 
range and are probably preferable for people with audiophile tendencies.

It's worth pointing out that the stereo single version of "El Condor Pasa", as featured here, is mastered differently to 
both the stereo version on the "Bridge Over Troubled Water" LP and (apart from the obvious channel separation) the mono 
version on the promo single (not included here). On the LP, the track starts quietly and remains at low volume until the 
beginning of the first verse, where it fades up to full volume by the end of the first line. Both the mono and stereo 
single versions start at full volume. The fade-in appears to be an attempt to mask the hum and background noise inherent 
in the original recording (it appears that the Los Incas instrumental was sourced from vinyl), which is audible in both 
single versions where presumably sound quality was not of paramount concern. The fade-outs of all three are different too. 
The mono single version does not fade at the end. Both the LP and stereo single versions start fading about 10 seconds 
from the end, however, the LP fade-out is more gradual and ends at a lower volume than the stereo single, again, 
presumably to mask the hum/background noise.

This compilation clocks in at 76m15s!

==About this transfer==

Tracks 1 to 16 and 19 to 25 transferred and mastered in 24bit by Prof. Stoned and used by permission.
Tracks 17, 18 and 26 transferred by Prof. Stoned and mastered in 24bit by Q.

==Compilation and package design by Q==

Artwork included