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Pretty Things - Amsterdam 1969 (Prof Stoned 2020)

01. Why? (incomplete)
02. Talking About The Good Times
03. Alexander
04. Renaissance Fair
05. S.F. Sorrow is Born
06. She Says Good Morning
07. Mr. Evasion (incomplete)

Time: 34:06

Source: Stereo Soundboard -> Pre-FM Reel-To-Reel Master -> Mp3 -> CDR (#2) -> EAC 2007 (secure/cue/log) > Mastering 2020 > FLAC
Line up:

Phil May: Lead Vocals
Dick Taylor: Lead guitar, Vocals
Wally Allen: Bass, Vocals
John Povey: Keyboards, Vocals
John 'Twink' Alder: Drums

Recorded Live to 2-Track by VPRO on March 29, 1969 @ Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Note from 2020:

I re-mastered this one again on the night of 15-5-2020, the day that Phil May died. Despite having its flaws, it is an essential document from the line-up that made S.F. Sorrow, just before they were about to fall apart. I left the recording unedited this time, despite some of the interludes being a bit longer. 

Phil was a true icon of the 60s. He peaked as an artist during that time. To me, S.F. Sorrow will always be one of the best albums of 1968. And 1968 will always be one of my favorite music years. The Pretty Things have not really gotten as much recognition as the Stones, The Yardbirds & The Who but that always gave them an extra edge. During their heyday, they were certainly as great as those three groups. Though his voice was shot since the 80s, Phil kept his band going up until 2018. Maybe too long but a man's gotta do what he's gotta do. 

Thanks Phil and friends, for the tunes.


Excerpts from 2016 notes:

In 2007, I obtained this fantastic source in a snail mail trade. One of my regular trader buddies had gotten it straight from the man who had gotten it from the radio station. I uploaded this on DimeaDozen at the time, but it got banned due to lossy ancestry. This led me to get back to the original source, who informed me that it was actually archived like that by the radio station. Okay, so that was all we were gonna get. Still nothing short of an amazing find that needs to be heard by anyone who recognizes the S.F. Sorrow album as one of the true masterpieces from the 60's. 

A few songs of this "bootleg" have found their way to official releases. Tr. 03 & 06 appeared on the 2001 comp "The Psychedelic Years 1966-1970" and last year Tr 03-05 appeared on the rarities disc of the Bouquets from a Cloudy Sky box-set. Though lossless, these are in mono and were squashed to pulp in the mastering stage.