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Pink Floyd - A Saucerful of Secrets {Original UK Mono} 
24bit/96kHz (Hi-Rez Audio)

01. Let There Be More Light
02. Remember a Day
03. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
04. Corporal Clegg
05. A Saucerful of Secrets
06. See-Saw
07. Jugband Blues  

All tracks Mono
All of these mixes are officially unavailable on CD.

Producer: Norman Smith
Location: 7�8 August 1967 and 18 January � 3 May 1968 at EMI Studios, London
          9�11 and 19 October 1967 at De Lane Lea Studios, London

- Technics 1210mk2 
- Jelco SA-750D Tonearm (w/ JAC 501 cable)
- Audio Technica AT33PTG MC
- Pro-Ject Tube Box SE-2 
- Yamaha CA-1010  
- RME ADI-2 A/D Interface 

- Audition 3.0 used for editing, (incl. manual removal of clicks and pops) & adding gain.
- Click Repair 3.9.1 used with setting Cl: 20, Cr: 0 and mono summing

Transfer & Restoration by Prof. Stoned


Prof. sez:

Here's another rarity in the series "essential in mono but not available on cd". 

The 2nd PF album and last one to receive a dedicated mono mix with notable differences from the stereo. Quite
why this is still not available in the shops today remains a bit of a mystery, as the mono mix has a lot going for it.
But maybe, who knows, at the end of 2016... In the meantime, this will keep you happy.  

EMI pop records from this era were cut LOUD for maximum impact and almost always teeter on the brink of distortion, 
especially the mono ones. It takes a clean copy to minimize the noise as much as possible. This record is no exception; 
it was made to sound punchy on transistor radios and kids' phonographs. A few of the tracks here do have some mild 
distortion, but it is tolerable and is definitely not a result of worn grooves. 

I have been wanting to do this one for 7 years and have auditioned various valuable copies during that time. 
The copy I ended up using was the only one of them all that did not have a sign of playwear. Many hours of manual 
restoration went into this to bring it up to the usual standard. The end result is no doubt superior to all other 
digital versions out there thus far.