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Basic Otogi Tips

¤ There are 3 elements in the game. Anima (Green), Divina (Blue) and Phantasma (Red). 
   Anima beats Divina.
   Divina beats Phantasma.
   Phantasma beats Anima.
   or, if you're this kind of person...
   Grass beats Water.
   Water beats Fire.
   Fire beats Grass.

¤ The cost of donating to a guild resets everyday. 

¤ You don't need to be friends with your guildmates to use their daemons. Guildmates function as friends. But if you really love the person, add them. (haha)

¤ Everyday from 12nn - 2pm, you get a chance to draw in Jewel Summon. Do not miss this chance. Around the the same time, a starter daemon dungeon will appear, complete it for the mochi.

¤ Among the starter daemons, Muramasa is the strongest. Her mlb'ed stats and skill damage is comparable to a 5 star, e.g. Beelzebub. Okita Soji is okay too as an early tank, Ibaraki for me is meh. 

¤ Having a healer in your team is an absolute must! They can deal damage while heal allies, what more could you ask for? There are only 7 healer daemons in the game, so pray to the Jewel Summon Gods to grant you a healer. 

¤ MLB = Max Limit Break. 
   SE = Spirit Essence.
   SS = Soulstones

¤ Currencies in the game and what the hell they are used for.
   Soulstones = Used as cost for enhancing daemons and for donating to the guild.
   Jewels = The "premium" currency in the game, used for jewel summon, expanding your maximum daemon    inventory space and buying stuff from the item shop. (The item shop is located in Other > Items > ItemShop)
   Mochi = Mochi is life. Used to exchange limited edition daemons. (Yeah, the kind you'll never see again if you don't exchange it now) The exchange can be found in the summon page. 
   Invoker = It acts as free pass in the jewel summon. You basically get a free summon with this. Sometimes given in special occasions, and cannot be bought.
   Summon Points = Used to summon 1☆ to 3☆ daemons and sometimes copies of the starter daemons. You need 10 points to summon 1 daemon, and can only summon 10 daemons at a time. There's an autosell feature that sells the all daemons the you already mlb'ed.

¤ You can, at most, create 3 different teams in the game. As there are 3 different elements in the game, you can create teams each with a different element so that you get a damage bonus in case your opponent's element is weak against your team's element. The team's element is determined by the team leader daemon's element. When picking your team in a fight, you know your opponent is weak with a team if one of your team has a green up arrow, a red down arrow just means that that team is weak against your opponent. 

¤ The team leader of team 1 will be your profile picture and also the daemon which your friends can use as their helper. You get 5 summon points each time a friend (or a guildmate) uses your daemon. This is called the helper reward.

¤ A limit break is when you enhance a daemon with itself. You can do this 4 times on the same daemon. Each time you limit break, you add +5 max level. Mlb is achieved if you enhanced a daemon 4 times.

¤ Mochi is life. You might want to save it until you can afford to exchange 5 copies of the same card. You know, to mlb. But if the card is über kawaii, I won't blame ya.

¤ Selling 1☆ and 2☆ only give soulstones. But because mochi is life, you can still get mochis from the low levels. There's an achievement where everytime you mlb'ed daemon, you get a mochi. But it needs to be different each time, so it helps if you keep a list in your phone of mlb'ed daemons. I recommend just selling your 3☆ if you don't need them.

¤ 1☆ and 2☆ daemons are very important in conquest events. Desu has a guide on Conquest and what it is, find it on Reddit.

¤ More about selling. 
1☆ = soulstones
2☆ = soulstones
3☆ = 1 mochi
4☆ = 5 mochi
5☆ = 25 mochi
But really, who'd sell his 5☆?

¤ Do not, I repeat, Do not use your low levels (1/2 ☆) for enhancing. They cost more to enhance than magatama and are less effective. So just leave the enhancing to the magatamas and just sell all of them. Assuming, of course, that you already mlb'ed them.

¤ Tapping your name at the top (or anywhere near that area) brings out a window that shows very useful info, like EXP needed to level up, when will your SE bar be fully filled, exact soulstone count, etc. etc.

¤ The news that the devs announce all contain sweet rewards, be sure to catch them all! (... Pokemon!) (... you sang it didn't you?)

¤ Soulstone tickets. (The ones you get in the soulstone dungeon) You just sell them, that's it. 

¤ Jdex's ultimate guide on 3☆ battle rating. There are 3 requirements for each star.
  1 - You need to finish the battle in less than one minute.
  2 - No deaths, even your helper. (So choose your helper wisely)
  3 - Finish the battle with a skill.
Now, the first two is pretty easy to get, the third one is kinda tricky. So you might be wondering, "Oh benevolent steak master Jdex-sama, how do we do this task?" OK, I'll tell you how. On the first parts of the battle, just save your spirit essence shards (the blue ball things you need for skillz) occasionally triggering a skill from time to time, but just let them auto-attack, you need a lot of SS shards later on. The last stage is the one we want to focus on, now this part takes some practice and a bit of estimation to pull off but the main thing here is that once there are only 1 or 2 enemies left, spam all of your daemon skills like there's no tomorrow. Triggering a skill resets that daemon's auto attack so it prevents some unwanted projectile getting fired. With that many skills triggering in rapid succession, you'll get a skill kill for sure. You just make sure nobody dies and you'll get that 3☆ battle rating. Or if your team is OP, auto sometimes yield a 3 star rating.

¤ Battles taking forever to load? You can download game assets to have a smoother experience. Just go to Other > Settings > Download all.

¤ Don't trust a daemon who has a skill like "Deal DMG to surrounding enemies" They only damage what's adjacent to them. And usually has a low damage skill.

¤ Chapter rewards (daemons)
  Chapter 1 - Meh
  Chapter 2 - OK for a while
  Chapter 3 - Meh
  Chapter 4 - Good by itself, but better if mlb'ed. There's a dungeon for it.
  Chapter 5 - Meh
  Chapter 6 - Meh
  Chapter 7 - Meh
  Chapter 8 - HOLY MOTHER OF CARDS 5☆!

¤ Never use your jewels to summon daemons, unless you can spend a lot. That's the last thing you wanna do with your jewels.

¤ Buying the daily Spirit dose for 25 jewels is a really good deal. 

¤ Contains data on individual daemons, really helpful (I did not made this) --> http://bit.ly/2d0rcg8

Peace out
~Jdex (Onihae in Reddit)