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Fist app screen from the N26 online banking app shows a form titled "What's your gender?" followed by "We know—it's 2017—but your gender is still required to open a bank account". The form has two options, male and female.
Second app screen from the HER dating app shows a profile-filling form with gender options: Female, Trans Female, non-binary, Boi, Agender, Androgynous, Bigender, Cis Female, FTM, Gender Fluid. The options continue below the screen fold.
Third app screen is from Snapchat social media app, showing the Settings screen. It asks for Name, Username, Birthday, Mobile Number, Email, but not gender.
Fourth app screen is from Facebook mobile social media app "Edit Profile" screen that allows picking gender from Female, Male, and Custom, which is ticked. "Custom gender" field is filled in with "genderqueer". "What pronoun do you prefer" field is filled in with "Female: Wish her a happy birthday!"