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JoyStik Magazine, Sept. 1982, page 41: "It was only a matter of time--or maybe it was Pac-Karma. But whatever the reason, it was wonderful. As the foundation for a multimedia promotional campaign for the Pac-Man home video cartridge, Atari designated April 3, 1982 as National Pac-Man Day. On this Saturday, in larger-than-life costumes, Pac-Man and his adversary Speedy (the red Monster) [this is actually 'Shadow'] toured 27 major U.S. cities. They were transported via special Pac-Vans equipped with the sounds of the Pac-Man game. In each city, they visited hospitals and donated video computer systems and game cartridges to the patients. They attended major sporting events--and for the first time ever, a video character threw out the first ball at a baseball game. They also visited shopping malls and gave out T-shirts by the dozen. And prominent mayors even presented them with keys to their cities. Seem like a lot of traveling for one day? Well, fortunately video images can be reproduced to appear simultaneously in as many places as necessary."