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[MegaPack] Girls Got Cream, Ass Teen Mouth, Teach My Ass

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This torrent includes a full MegaPack of all videos from "Girls Got Cream", "Ass Teen Mouth" and "Teach My Ass".
All videos encoded with HEVC (x265) for smallest possible filesize and best quality available.
Screenshots are inside the torrent.

Full-Content-List: http://textuploader.com/dpbl0

Girls Got Cream: 118 videos, 23,0 GB
Ass Teen Mouth: 118 videos, 17,9 GB
Teach My Ass: 75 videos, 11,8 GB

Please keep seeding. My initial upload speed will be between 300 - 1000 kbps. So be warned that it may take up to 2 days for the first peer to download. Help me keep the bandwidth high so that we gain speed and others can enjoy this torrent too. Thanks!

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