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Recently, I have come to notice there is someone who capitalize on my existing website and create a confusingly similar domain name (website url).  Trying to confuse my users & as a result hurt my website traffic badly.  I've came across many content copycats since I started my website in 2011 & this should be the most dishonorable act.

Please beware the domain copycat content is OUTDATED with many DEAD LINKS (some sites are already dead for years) while its content is always the same without adding new site.  The only changing content is probably the 'Last update date'  which is just for display & deceiving.  Unlike the copycat, all my link come with only 1 ad WITHOUT the annoying push ad.  I'm making much lesser revenue without push ad but I want to give visitors better user experience.   

Do get the LATEST premium link generators including various download guides which I take time to write for you all from my following English websites:

http://freerapidleechlist.ml/ - Index Page

Thank you for reading & please continue to support my websites which serve you since 2011.  If you can promote this website to more people, it will help me a lot.  I won't be able to keep this site very active & have to devote my time to other projects as the revenue drop so much now. 

If I have to stop this website completely, those copycats will also have their sites suffered as they simply copy my list here & not finding their own, probably that is the best punishment for them by then.