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G.i. joe the rise of cobra blu ray

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Thinking of purchasing because I couldn't backup either my copy of Transformers.. Also, since I'm here please answer one more question for me please,if I do purchase Anydvd should I go ahead and purchase the one for blu ray also or just regular Anydvd as i don't have a Blu Ray burner at this point? Thanks in advance for any and all replies. Been a long time since I've posted here but just want to let you all know I think all of you here are top notch people in regards to helping us. Thanks again I ripped the movie to HD with DVDFab. I've not finished that set of files yet. I ran AnyDVD and opened GI Joe with Recode. At this point I'll say don't close Recode. I then ran FixVTS to be on the safe side and burned with Nero Express. Now you can close Recode. I'm off to watch the results. All controls function and movie quality is typical Nero Recode quality. I was checking to see how many ways I could do this movie. AnyDVD with CloneDVD 2 works okay. Hathcock mentioned that at the beginning of the thread. Why in the Shrink forum I'm not sure. It's a seamless process with no need to run additional software to clean up the file structure. It's probably the easiest. It's also expensive if you don't already own the software. The free route it to use DVDFab to rip and then use your other freeware to compress possibly clean up and burn. DVD Shrink comes to mind. LOL After all this is the forum. Creaky I've done this DVD a few different ways and starting to feel like I'm wasting DVDs. Running FixVTS on the files ripped with the free DVDFab Decrypter appears to be insurance and possibly not necessary when using DVD Shrink. Shrink does some work on its own with correcting file structure and is also a good tool in checking file structure. Normally when a set of files open okay in DVD Shrink they also work okay in other programs. The files I ripped opened okay in DVD Shrink without running FixVTS. The user needs to uncheck the unneeded languages under Compression Settings to get the compression warning back in the green. This is a large video, so Quality Settings should definitely be used. If a person has DVD RB, they might want to use it. I'm going to do this one more time with RB, but that means a few hours. I have a few other backups to run in batch.