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Tutorial cara download blackjack

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Prior to receiving any cards, the player must place a wager. Once the wager is made, the player is dealt two cards face up. The dealer is also dealt two cards. The player wins if the dealer goes over 21. Hit Clicking on the hit button will deal the player an additional card. The player then proceeds to draw cards as usual, with these exceptions: If a player splits two aces, he receives only one additional card for each hand. A hand totaling 21 after splitting aces is considered 21, not Blackjack. Insurance Insurance gives the player a chance to protect himself when he believes the dealer might have Blackjack. If the dealer does have Blackjack, the insurance pays 2 to 1, which corresponds to the amount of the initial bet. If the player has bought insurance and the dealer does not have Blackjack, the player loses his insurance. If the dealer and the player both have Blackjack, the game results in a push. Terminology Bet - the Player may make any wager desired within the posted table limits. Deal - the Player gets two cards face up and the Dealer gets two cards. Blackjack — is achieved when first two cards total 21. Blackjack beats a score of 21 consisting of 3 or more cards. Bust — is achieved when total value of cards for either the Dealer or the Player exceeds 21 resulting in a loss of the wager. Hit — Player desires another card to be dealt. Stand — Player desires to keep hand dealt Split — Player desires hand to be split two cards into separate hands. Double — Player desires to double bet and receive another card.