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Cara run sc/script bot discord

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Although this is a small bot, we still run the same CI and build tests as shown above. Our buildfile test includes our autoinstaller script s. Requirements: Node version v8. Git is also required. This project uses discord. We will have super seamless update scripts - in-fact if you use the installer all one needs to do to update is git pull and we will have a way for the Botowner to do that in Discord shortly! While we are on the directory and the bot can indeed can be installed via. Our install-script makes sure this folder structure is kept intact by installing to a temporary directory and deleting it after. The manual instructions below are quite straightforward. You must edit the config. Insert your bot token and change the prefix if you wish to. Save the file as config. This can be before or after the installer script. Admin Configuration and Eval Command for the owner of the bot! Administrators should pay attention to the following parameters in the config. Not the user or username, but the full Snowflake ID. To get this, enable Developer Mode and right click your user. To disable this, ignore the 'ownerID' and leave it as is. This will disable the eval command. It allows one to run admin-tasks by evaluating JavaScript from within Discord. I won't go into it here, because if one must ask about it, they shouldn't mess with the eval command. If you know what it is, then this should be self-sufficient. The bot will only respond to the ownerID with the correct adminprefix. It will post to Gist if it cannot fit the 2000 character limit. Eval will also do the same. It will simply fail to post the stats and catch that. Getting a Bot Token and Invite Link If you have done this before, then this should be pretty straightforward. Otherwise, it will only work if you - the person who created the bot token - invites the bot. Save your client ID and token. They are different things! Please make sure you run pm2 update if you have pm2 but haven't updated in a while. Once installed, instead of using node karma. RUNNING AS SYSTEMD Once we did all this with pm2, we can have it so it will restart on things like server reboots. For Linux, systemd manages the startup tasks. Once we started the bot, we can simply run pm2 startup systemd which will take your pm2 projects and run them in the systemd for autostartup on harder reboots. Simply put, to add karma, append any keyword user ID, name, or anything, even emotes with a ++ To subtract, append the keyword with -- Only the last two ++ or -- count, so doing keyword+++++++++ or user--------+++---- will result in keyword gaining one regular karma and user losing one in this example. That is, the messages are cleaned before counting. Can be useful for specific emoticons such as custom ones in your server NOTE: Because of this, if you add a user's karma with username vs. It is not limited for users. Karma can be awarded to anyone, or any keyword, or even an emoji :- Lookup Karma You can lookup karma by simply typing the following: PREFIX KEYWORD where PREFIX is setup in config. This is done with the Ratelimiter. It will just prevent spamming Karma. We allow users to give Karma to themselves, we are agnostic here! If you did something and think you should reward yourself for it, well... Anyway, nothing exciting about 'abusing' it and the Ratelimiter just works to prevent spam by making it longer and longer before a user can add new Karma. This is how the vast majority of users end up using it, and it is also out of simplicity. It was also the idea to enable cross-guild Karma with a seamless user experience. They will get a message reply back and the bot will react with a red-circle icon to indiciate that they should talk to a mod in the server. If, however, you prefer , I do maintain that as well. However, it requires one to setup the whitelist role before having access to Karma. Support You can reach me. You are not obligated to link back to this repo in any way.