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The Slime Faction is one of the oldest Factions in the world, as the Slime race is the second oldest terrestrial race in Terraria. Unlike the other races, the
majority of the Slimes were not in guilds(with the exception of the Jungle Slimes) and were ruled under a monarchy. The first Slime monarch in the world,
and (extremely)distant ancestor of King Slime was Gandarie Gellary, first of his name. He was a oversized green slime who gained power over the slimes
who took his unnaturally large size as a symbol that he was their true ruler. Under Gandarie's reign, the Slimes all over the world(exception was the Jungle
Slimes, again) were united and mostly settled into villages instead of leading the nomadic lifestyle they once had which endangered them at night from the
Zombies. While there were numerous slime villages, the leading slime village where King Gellary himself resided was Gelfort, a small once-military-fort-
now-town settlement in the zonage of Garnder(Which in present day, is located between the borders of Zonages Miraki and Nikala Sorendy).
Gelfort started to thrive because of lush forests nearby, providing wood and livestock, caves providing minerals and the river that flowed right
through the village that brought it life. At night however, the slimes would still close their doors and fire at anything resembling zombies or eyes. As King
Gellary was residing here, he used Gelfort as a base of operations for his kingdom, and from here he sent his messages and plans to the other slime villages.
Because of the Slime race's sheer diversity and number of species all around Terraria, the Slime Kingdom was essentially the biggest kingdom of their day.
Not only that, the idea of the king's residence being used as a base of operations evolved into the idea of a Faction Capital, used today by nearly all factions

King Gellary, after establishing a firm base and defence for Gelfort and the other villages, he began expanding his kingdom's economy. He opened
his city to merchants and lured them in with the many riches and resources they had obtained. Soon, the slime race became rich and even more powerful.
They used a portion of their money to fortify all their settlements, and eventually warded off the undead for good. The rest was mainly used to improve the
quality of life in slimese towns and expand their villages further. When Gandarie Gellary passed away, his successor Gandarie II Gellary saw to it that
Gelfort was more than a mere village, but a city made of stone bricks rather than wood. By the middle of his reign, Gandarie II had ordered local Gelfort forces
to mine more stone than any other single village had done at their point of time, and while wood was still used as fortification, Gelfort now resembled a
medieval town, which was leaps and bounds better than the small wooden huts built beside each other that they were before.
After Gellary II, was the last Gandarie king, Gellary III Gandarie. Under his reign, Terraria saw the catastrophic Guild Wars, a war of power fought
between the guilds and the biggest conflict at that point. Gandarie lied low and stopped his people from getting involved, but the Guilds still burned down
a few lesser slime villages in their path. This caused many slimes to be enraged, and the lust of revenge on the guilds brewed in them. Yet, Gandarie would
still forbid anyone from venting this brewing frustration, causing some controversy. In the end, some slimes still did sneak out to fight, but were never heard
of again. In the present, many are grateful that Gellary III made this decision, as getting the slimes involved in such a massive conflict would proove their
future unpredictable. In the end, Gellary III had two children, the prince Gellary IV Gandarie, but was not the heir as he was of average size(slime hierachy
then was size-based), and princess Gellary IV Gandarie, who would be wed to Jorephie 0 Manacracy, a close friend and most loyal supporter of the royal family
during Gellary III's reign. Nearing the end of the Gellary reign, princess Gellary had a baby, the King Jorephie I Manacracy, sizable heir to the slime throne.
And unlike the Gandaries, the Jorephies were blue instead of green.

While the Gandaries had a prosperous reign, the significance of their development for the slime race was extremely little as compared to the
Manacracys. The Manacracy would have a grand line of seven kings, five Jorephies, an Ambasy and a Andarie. The daughter of Jorephie I Manacracy, Anarie
Manacracy, was the river that flowed through Gelfort's namesake. The Kings made great achievements, and while the Gandaries made a foundation for
Manacracy rule, the Manacracys made a foundation for the modern slime faction. Under Jorephie I, the governing system for the slime faction was decided:
The combat force of the Slime Faction would be known as the Slime Army. The Army consisted of five Generals, which command branches of
the army. They were: The Navy, The Strategic, The Home Guard, The Specialists and The Grand branches. The Navy handled the forces at sea, the Strategic
worked behind the stage for all the other branches, the Specialists involved undercovers, spies and special units, and the Grand involved everyone else in the
Army. All five Generals would take direct orders from the King, and everyone lower would take orders from the General and so on.
As for the peacetime force, it was the Slime Authority, of which the King was also at the very top. They consisted too of Five Authorities of Finance,
Relations, Land, Resources and Development.

It was also under the Manacracys in which many of Gelfort's landmarks were built, including King's Square, a large town square before the entrance
to the Manacracy palace which served as a marketplace and a location for the king to address the people, and the Tower of Jorephie, a tower constructed beside
the palace and was a place of evacuation for the royal family. It was prided to be infallible, and had been publically blast-tested with many blocks of explosives
in it's weak spots and has not once wavered despite it's precarious height. However, tensions between the upper class and lower class grew under Jorephie
II's reign when rumors that the upper class was going to cut the water supply of the lower class if they revolt by damming the river were spread. In the end,
to avoid it going out of control, the king and the lower class signed a treaty to never to touch River Anarie for the first time.

Ultimately, Gelfort and all the other villages were prosperous and peaceful under both Gandarie and Manacracy reign, not once getting into
full fledged war. The Tower of Manacracy was never used, and the slime population within the settlements had a steady growth throughout the years. However,
this changed after the reign of the last Manacracy king, Jorephie V Manacracy, whom we know as King Slime. As Jorephie V was unable to produce any
sizable heirs at all, he had to resort to giving the crown up to someone else. He hosted a vote(the first in history) to decide a new hierarchy system as the old
size-based one was now unusable. This led to two hierarchy systems championing, one that championed that cloudy slimes were greater than normal, translucent
slimes This hierarchy was led by the cloudy blue slime Gellant, who claims to be a relative of Jorephie V(who never made a effort to confirm or discredit this
as he had too many unsizeable relatives to count). The other hierarchy, and the more popular one, was a rarity based hierarchy. This placed all able bodied slimes
(non-pregnant) into a class based on how common they are. This basically left their power up to luck, as all slimes started off black. This meant that blue
slimes were the least powerful, followed by green. This hierarchy was led by Purply, a non-cloudy purple slime who was incredibly charismatic. Purple slimes
were considered rare at that time.

On the voting day, the votes were collected and the result was announced that the rarity-based hierachy has won, and that the heir to Jorephie V
Manacracy was Purply. Amidst the cheering, Purply began his ascent into the palace via the steps, but before he can complete it, a shocking event happened.
A tiny, almost unnoticeable pinky slime hopped in between of Purply and the crowd. No one even knew that such a pink slime existed, who then introduced
herself as Pinky Pejinky, rarest slime in Terraria, and thus rightful heir instead of Purply. As they had to adhere by the new system, the supporters cheered
Pinky on, who quickly climbed the steps of the palace, and left Purply incredibly salty.

Most of the slimes were happy with Pinky's ascent to power. In the first few days of office, she gave both Gellant and Purply high ranks in her
office, thus appeasing their supporters. However, the Slime Authority was not so appeased as they thought the voting process was utter sh*t,
and thus broke free of the Slime Monarchy and declared themselves independent in a few days. They then attack the rest of the faction,
and Slime Authority guards seized the palace in a sneak-attack, and Pinky escapes with the help of the Slime Army soldiers. They then flee
Gelfort to a nearby pro-Pinky village, along with basically three quarters of the population who were pro-Pinky. From then on, the Slime Army becomes the
main ruling force as well as the defence force of the pro-Pinky Slime Faction, while the Slime Authority, renaming themselves as the Ministry for Slimes, controls
the other one quarter. In order to strengthen their bonds, the Ministry ally themselves with the Jungle Faction, who did not support Pinky too. As the
Jungle was one of the most advanced in terms of mechanisms at that point, Pinky feared that they would attack and devastate the Slime Army, so they
quickly made a deal with the Underworld faction: The Slimes will be allowed to take refuge in the underworld and built there, so long as they help
defend it from any threat. The Phantom King, then ruler of the Underworld, accepted and the Slime Army Command Quarters's(SACQ) construction began there.
After a year of uncertainty, both Lord Pinky and the Ministry of Slimes decided that they had to settle their feud through diplomatic means for the
greater good of slimes, so Pinky struck the same deal with the Ministry of Slimes as they did with the Underworld. In return for peace, Pinky would
help construct a fortress around the defenceless Ministry building and Slime Army members will help protect it. In truth however, Pinky did not want
to actually protect the Ministry, but rather, to surround it with her towering fortress until it was too late for them to realise they are betrayed and surrounded.
From her base in the underworld, Pinky would gather her most capable slime soldiers, including Gellant, a blue slime named Blueky, despite his
rarity, and the excellent though neophyte imp advisor Ismai. As much of the Slime Army construction force had been sent off to work on the fortress, her
diplomatic forces working on relationships with the Underworld and the Ministry, she decided to finally begin her step forward to getting her ultimate
end-goal: To make the Terrarians pay dearly for murdering her and her fellow slimes over and over again and pillaging their money. She rallied the Slime
Forces and began a campaign in the quiet zonage of Miraki, sending many workers off to construct ships and airships for her coming invasion, and dispatching
a garrison of slimes led by General Medked to the ocean across the Village of Miraki. And so, the Legend of Pinky began.[/SPOILER][/SPOILER][SPOILER="Slime story arc"][SPOILER="Slime Politics and History or something i guess"][/spoiler][/spoiler]
[SPOILER="Slime story arc"][SPOILER="Slime Politics and History or something i guess"]