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	In the fall of middle 1.2, Tyfyr Vadabin, king of Hallowstone, received the urgent message that a great power had destroyed one of his fortresses near Arazium.
The threat came in the form of a powerful giant mechanical bee unlike any other that possesed godly powers from other dimensions. In order to prevent anymore of
his soldiers from sacrificing their lives to fight the bee, Tyfyr called for a meeting of the Hallowstone Summoner Association. This
organisation was set up as a response to the new class 'summoner' being added, and of all his class associations, was the youngest but by no means
	During that meeting, they came to a conclusion that they needed one huge powerful minion to fight the bee, rather than a army of lesser
ones, but even after so much discussion, they were unable to come to a concensus on what minion to choose for this vital fight. In the end, one of
the summoners suggested that they tame a True Wyvern, a majestic, strong and intelligent beast of the sky to fight for them. The summoners
bitterly agreed, as this was indeed a hard task, but their only hope.
	After the royal forces captured a True Wyvern, the head summoner had it placed into a stable and chained it down. While the summoners
started devising spells, bewitchments and enchantments to force the wyvern into submission to their wills, they employed a lesser summoners
to do the dangerous and dirty work of managing the Wyvern and his stable while they prepare the spells in a comfortable environment.
	Of all the summoners, a lesser summoner named Starry was chosen for the job. Starry at first, thought of the Wyvern as a dangerous
NPC but effective weapon. However, even amidst the Wyvern's frantic fire breaths and thrashing around, he could not help himself to feel pity for
the Wyvern and see it as nothing more than a caged animal acting in defence.
	Eventually, Starry had enough of seeing the Wyvern in distress. That night, he snucked out from the hostel where he was supposed to be
sleeping in, and made his way quietly to the stable, where he saw the Wyvern gazing at the roof of it. Slowly, he crept up to the Wyvern, dropped a
loaf of bread on the ground as slowly and gently as possible, before bolting away at godspeed. He then observed the Wyvern when it thought that
he was gone. The Wyvern gazed slowly at the bread, sniffed it a bit, tried to claw it, before starting it's nibbles. After confirming that bread was
food, the Wyvern devoured it in one go. Satisfied, Starry smiled and went back to bed.

	This was how Starry and the Wyvern spent their nights from then on, without anyone knowing. With each night, the Wyvern became
more comfortable with Starry's presence, and Starry became less scared of him. They got closer and bonded, and Starry was thought things he
did not even know about True Wyverns when he was in NPC spritology class back in the day. While they were powerful and prone to violence,
it was only because of the Terrarian wyvernhunters that drove their entire kind into this reclusive and defensive state, but with that Wyvern,
Starry was able to head to the stable shieldless and armorless, without needing to think twice about getting burned into ashes.
	A month after they had started bonding, the higher summoners called the lower summoners for a meeting, in which they would be
distributing a grimoire of spells that the higher summoners had recently devised for wyvern taming. Starry and his summoner kin received the
grimoire, and as he flipped through the newly printed pages that was so unlike any grimoire he had seen, had to try his best to pretend to not
be disgusted, let alone pleased.
	At that time, he knew what he had to do. The king was not asking for Wyvern Taming to break world records, but to use in a battle.
The techniques used in the book were to heartless for Starry to even recall without his face turning pale. In order to stop them being used
in a few months time, he had to first train the Wyvern for battle himself, using his own methods. That noon, he walked right up to the heavily
guarded stable, and asked the guards in a calm tone, for permission to practice the spells on the Wyvern.

	His training started successfully, but was not off to a great start. For once, no Wyvern had ever been employed as combatants by Terrarians
before. This was a whole new experience to him and his kind. Starry tried his best, and began with basic maneuvers such as flying up and down.
This sort of prompted the guards into maximum, well, guard mode. They pointed their repeaters and glaives at the stable, waiting for the
firey underworld to erupt on the surface. After the Wyvern mastered maneuvers, he brought the Wyvern out into a nearby field, and placed target
dummies down there. He then thought the Wyvern to fire at command, but he forgot that he was not going to be present during the actual duel.
Starry soon realised, and had to reteach some of his tactics. However, he tried his best to stay as the Wyvern's friend and not just some guy
barking orders.
	After another month or so, a few days before the high summoners would come and essentially trap the Wyvern's mind, he brought
the Wyvern out for another training session, or at least that was what he had told the guards, who were also getting more used to Starry.
This time, instead of heading to the training fields, Starry mounted the Wyvern and headed for the Imperial Palace.
	At that time, King Vadabin was busy surveying his guarden and the great diversity of the different artificial biomes that surrounded it,
complete with rare grubs, butterflies, turtles that crawl, turtles that do ninja flips etc, a giant wyvern dropped out of the sky with a man riding
it and scared the life out of everything living there. The King, was not pleased, but Starry did his best to recite the "Friendly introduction to a 
guy who could kill you at command" that he had memorised by now. To his amazement, Vadabin actually grew a liking to the Wyvern, but asked
him why Starry and his summoner brethren were a few days before the actual time that a tamed Wyvern was supposed to be revealed to him. Starry
began to sweat, and in the end, decided to tell the truth regardless. Now the King was infuriated, or he was supposed to be, but he only asked the prostrating
Starry to rise, and congratulating him.
	And with that, Starry became the one who tamed the Wyvern, through love, care and many a lesson. But even that, the memory of Starry, his
lessons, and the determination to do him proud would not make the Wyvern strong enough to face the mechanical bee, for it was Xioml the Empyrean Gate,
once a Presiding God and the second most powerful in existence.
	The long awaited day came. Starry and his Wyvern were brought before a cheering crowd, as the beast who would save the land from Xioml,
and the man who had tamed it. When Vadabin was giving his speech, a man asked Starry what the Wyvern's name was. Starry, realising that he
had not named the Wyvern, decided to reply that the wyvern's name is nameless. Because we as players are very creative, that man believed Starry.
	And with that, Starry bid his wyvern one last farewell, and put a wordless collar on the Wyvern, and to the crowd's surprise, himself.
The two bowed to each other one last time, and the Wyvern flew into the air with it's giant wings open, and flew overhead, it's magnificient wings
shadowing the crowd.
	The Wyvern soon arrived at the jungle, and saw the Empyrean Gate in all of her power. The Empyrean Gate was quite shockingly tame, but
the Wyvern knew what she was capable of, and had to do his single duty, to kill her. The Wyvern charged, and bit and clawed the Gate with all his
might, before retreating with a blast of fire backwards. Enraged, Xioml created a field of complex, cosmic magic, and moulded
it into all kinds of shapes and sizes. The Wyvern continued to move around unpredictably in an attempt to dodge as Starry had once thought him,
while firing fireballs at Xioml. Luckily for him, Xioml was knocked back and her magic, dispelled. Xioml then quickly fired a beam at the Wyvern,
impaling it, causing him to fall to the ground, thrashing around in an attempt to take flight once again. Xioml then conjured the field again, and this
time the Wyvern ran out of luck. The field was moudled into things that cannot be defined as shapes, and then moulded once more into a nuclear firestorm
that wiped the land clean of it's, well, land. And the Wyvern burned with it.

	As the charred corpse of the Wyvern dropped to the charred and barren ground, it layed there for the next few days, untouched.
But then, chance upon it was the figure of a Terrarian, who seemed a bit off to be a real Terrarian. In his hands were acorns, of which he planted
in the Wyvern's singed head. Then, the Terrarian left, as winds blew, the sun shone and rain fell, and the trees started growing. Roots started to form,
and it began penetrating the brittle Wyvern's skull, and grew into a soft lump of which is it's brain. But this tree, it was no normal tree. It was something
dark. And it was that something dark that slowly brought life back into the Wyvern's brain with it's roots, though the roots have also devastated a large
portion of the Wyvern's memory in the process. Then, the burned corpse began to crawl back to life, controlled, corrupted and reanimated by a strange
tree planted by a strange man. The Wyvern's tattered wings unfolded again, and soon, it was back in the skies, with a new mission granted to it by the
tree and thus the man. To destroy Hallowstone, and all that is in it, like the mindless, unloving killing machine it now is.

	The doors of Hallowstone were shut tight, as it's army prepared to slay a wyvern that had become a public idol, and a public threat.
Leading the defensive was none other than Starry himself, who did not know what exactly was coming his way. At his side was the Govener
Rex, an expert sharpshooter and ace with a pistol. The figure of a dark ball in the distance grew bigger, and bigger, until wings 'appeared'
on it. Followed by a strand of 'hair' that was it's tail, and a draconic head, and body. While it was overgrown and had a tree and lump of ash
for brain, Starry still saw something familiar in it. At once he collapsed and cried out, as he was reunited with a friend and student that
was now destroying his homeland. The Wyvern was now a threat, but he could not bring himself to stop it, even as it obliterated
a platoon of guardsmen under it's breath of flames and evergreen. Now to emotional to fight, Starry collapsed onto the floor, with a face drenched in dark, leaving
only Governor Rex. The Governor drew his pistol, and fired twice at the tree on his head, but was unsuccessful at snapping it's relatively
thick trunk. The Governor then switched to explosive bullets, but rendered himself vulnerable while doing so. The Wyvern then hit the ground
with it's green tail, causing a tangle of vines to sprout out and entangle the Governor, causing him to drop a magazine of ammo to the ground.
	However, he still successfully loaded the explosive bullet, and using all his might, fought against the vines restricting him in order
to get a good aim at the Wyvern. A few arrows shot by some brave archers hit it at that time, causing it to be distracted. The Governor
then fired, and the explosive bullet flew straight into the tree, stunning the Wyvern and causing it to fall down to the ground lifeless. The Governor
then walked up to the body of the Wyvern, and commanded it to leave the Kingdom at once, mimicking Starry's voice. While his voice acting
was horrible, the Wyvern's memories too were horrible, so at once, the Wyvern got to it's feet and back into the air, and flew away, never to be seen again.

	It turns out that the Wyvern had made it's nest in the floating islands where it came from not so long ago, where it lead a life devoid of all human
interaction as it was supposed to have done long ago. It was still overgrown with nature however, and was still a corpse. And eventually, as the winds swept
the Wyvern over and over again, the memories of Starry soon left the Wyvern as well, one by one, until the Wyvern remembered not of any lesson or any human.
It was finally animal once more, but somewhere, deep down, in the spark of it's fading soul, a shard of light still recalls Starry's satisfied smile that first
night, and a hope that when the Wyvern finally passes on, this spark of soul can finally reunite with his friend's once more.