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Duel Savior Justice/Destiny Patch Readme

Unzip into game directory, overwriting all files

----Voice Actor Configuration----
By default, PC voices will be used for all content. 

See here for a complete list and samples of the voice actors:

If you wish to use PS2 voices where they are available, then rename Voice1.pac to Voice2.pac and vice-versa. 

If you wish to use PS2 battle/system voices, rename Justice2.pac to Justice2PC.pac and rename Justice2PS2.pac to Justice2.pac. 

Additional files for disabling Taiga's in-combat voice or for disabling either set of voice actors entirely are available at http://games.seiha.org

Bugs, Notes, and Issues

----Save files----
--Previous save files may not work or have minor errors depending on where in the script they were saved 
--No previous saves in chapter 1 will work
--All previous saves will default to Justice content
--Previous system saves may erroneously have certain CGs already unlocked or erroneously mark text as read
--Previous system saves that have the harem route unlocked will need to clear Mia NORMAL (not True) in order to unlock Crea's route in either Justice or Destiny
--The system save can be freely used between Justice and Destiny content. IE, completing Berio's route in Justice counts as completing her route in Destiny as well, and vice-versa.

--Graphics unique to Destiny are of a lower resolution and quality due to its release on PS2
--Certain character graphics in Destiny that were altered to meet PS2's sexual guidelines could not be imported. These are graphics that have nipples or panty shots
--Crea's in-battle sprites have been approximated as best as possible using her sprites from other games
--Destiny chapter transitions had to be redone. Voicing remains identical as in Destiny. PC voicing for these lines is not available.

--Scripts inside character routes cannot be marked as read due to hardcoded constraints. Scripts that are part of the common route (chapters 1-9) will function as normal.
NOTE: Lines are marked as read first by SCRIPT, then by line, so even though there is a significant amount of duplicated text between routes, as each route has its own scripts, it is treated as unread between them. Justice and Destiny have their own separate scripts for all events, including the common route. You can simply set Skip Text to All in the configuration to skip the text if you wish.

--Justice's title screen is used instead of Destiny's
--Destiny-only BGM are not included in the Music Gallery
--Destiny-only Replay Scenes are not included in the Replay Gallery
--Destiny-only Ending credits cannot be used. Some CGs used in the endings use Justice's versions of CGs instead of Destiny's
--Additional Destiny-only system voices cannot be implemented
--Chocolat Savior (integrated as part of Destiny) and its CGs cannot be included
--Many lines that had only minor differences (such as stuttering, rewording, or cut/added portions of the line) between the Justice and Destiny versions were altered to improve compatability for using Destiny voice actors in Justice content. The spoken line may not be the text that was originally translated