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Kinky quotes for him

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Another day is here and I am just lazying around. I am not ready to do anything but YOU. I just always want to undress anytime I am with you. You drive me crazy with the way your hands run all over my body! I love your mouth and hands, but guess the craziest place I love the most. I love the way you go crazy when I touch your legs. I am happy whenever you smile at me, but staring at your body drives me really crazy! There are some days that I just want to be Me, and then some days that I want to go crazy with lots to drink and lots of love making. I want you to touch me no where but down there. I am addicted to all what you have to offer me romantically. I am crazy about you, but I am craziest when we do kinky stuff together. I need you now more than ever. It is your fault that I am crazy about love making with you. There is nothing you can do about it. I think about you everyday, and now I am scared whenever I see you in my dreams. Will you get your butt up in my face? Whenever you feel stressed, try love making. It eases your stress. It is not hump day yet but I am ready to hump the daylight out of you. I love it when you hug me from behind naked! One of the most amazing feeling in the world is when you hug your lover and he slaps your butt. That body of yours makes me go crazy for you. I hope to get spanked by Santa this year for being so naughty in 2017. The best thing I love to do the most is doing YOU! The brain behind Deedeesblog, Detola is a content writer, relationship coach, documentary photographer and Editor. Detola loves LOVE and believes that love is the greatest gift humans can give to one another. He coined the name thePhotoblogger after realizing how much he loves to tell visual stories of people and places. Deedeesblog is a platform of life and love documentary. Connect with Detola on admin deedeesblog.