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Matchcom subscription refund

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Although the dating site does offer advice on closing your account, this cancelation advice is not as easy to find as the many upgrade buttons of the website. They are an absolute rip off! Spread the word about them. A friend of mine also with Match UK was actually billed erroneously AFTER cancelling, they refused to give her a refund for the extra month claiming it was her fault. I mean, any company that forces you to call them to cancel your account really is taking the UNETHICAL route of pressuring you into staying with their service. I had put in a cancellation two months ago but reconnected with a girl and used the match. Last time they sent me a notice of automatic renewal this time not. I think there are more scams underfoot at match. Looking today to see about cancelling I was perplexed to find them peddling this 0800 number to phone. Why can I not see for certain the automatic renewal status I absolutely did not sign up to being automatically renewed? It appears to be showing they will take the payment! This is fraudulent behaviour and quite frankly is criminal. If you have forgotten to do this then you have a couple of options 1 call your credit card company and ask for it back 2 ask match. Then I go to my bank 2 months later and they have taken another payment out! I then called the Customer Service.. Complete with Howler Monkeys ….. I informed them of the operation that they were running…and not a polite swift goodbye.. Unusual for anyy fish species, with thhe females, ass they get older, their sex can change to male. I put a small mount of water in a plastic cup and quietly stood in front of my dog, without saying a word.