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	// Skybox Script Made By TheSweMaster 
	// http://www.youtube.com/user/youtojacob 

// How To Use: 
// 1. Start a private server/map.
// 2. Use command: "exec sky" to start the script
// 3. Use command: "alias" to get up the list of skyboxes
// 4. Type in the skybox name from the list you want, Ex. "dust"
//    This will make the skybox like de_dust2, Enjoy! :)

// Necessary Commands:
sv_cheats 1

	// Sky Boxes 
alias "baggage" 	"sv_skyname cs_baggage_skybox_" 
alias "dust" 		"sv_skyname sky_dust" 
alias "embassy" 	"sv_skyname embassy"
alias "tibet" 		"sv_skyname cs_tibet"
alias "italy" 		"sv_skyname italy" 
alias "jungle" 		"sv_skyname jungle" 
alias "nuke" 		"sv_skyname nukeblank" 
alias "office"		"sv_skyname office" 
alias "skyday1"		"sv_skyname sky_cs15_daylight01_hdr" 
alias "skyday2" 	"sv_skyname sky_cs15_daylight02_hdr" 
alias "skyday3" 	"sv_skyname sky_cs15_daylight03_hdr" 
alias "skyday4" 	"sv_skyname sky_cs15_daylight04_hdr" 
alias "vertigo" 	"sv_skyname vertigo"
alias "vertigo_hdr" "sv_skyname vertigoblue_hdr"
alias "vietnam" 	"sv_skyname vietnam" 

	// Fog Remove & Reset 
alias "fogremove"	"mat_postprocess_enable 0; fog_enable 0; fog_override 1;"
alias "fogreset"	"mat_postprocess_enable 1; fog_enable 1; fog_override 0;"

echo Skybox Script has been loaded, Made by TheSweMaster.