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I remember that when I recieved the [i]X-Men Origins: Wolverine[/i] 360 game as a gift I told my friend that I didn't like violent games, and he changed it for [i]Street Fighter IV[/i].
I remember that time when, by squinting my eyes really hard at a video game magazine (some pics were tiny), I found out that [i]Peace Walker[/i] didn't have any blood. I was so happy. I did that after I asked a GameStop employee the same question, to which he couldn't answer.
I remember when my sister and I used to call [i]God of War[/i], "Super Violent Game". No, really.
I remember when I bought [i]Borderlands 2[/i] for Christmas and I found out that the blood filter changed almost nothing, and that there were numerous swear words, and I wanted to return it at GameStop, but the lady there said that I couldn't because there were codes that I [i]could[/i] have used.
I remember that I pretended to have unwillingly changed channel when Nero killed the Pope halfway through [i]Devil May Cry 4[/i]. As soon as I did she knew that I did it voluntarily, so, while switching to AV, I skipped the cutscene.