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Change log


Various biomes improvements ( more variety + design enhancements)

NMSF V1.22b, v1.22c: 

- increased lush diversity
- weather on lushy planets from toxic, barren, frozen, etc... worlds have now approriate weather.

NMSF V1.22b : improves grass spawn.

NMSF V1.22
changed planets diversity (more often lush planets ) and fixed over-powerfull sentinels ( now as an optional difficulty mod )

NMSF v1.2

- Increased Roaming sentinels
- Added More Biomes variations
- Framerate fix on some biomes ( + removed remaining NPCs from Alien Worlds 4 )
- Plaques are now fonctional E3 2015 Monoliths
- Wordstones are now fonctional E3 2015 Wordstones
- Added compatibility support for Ships of Moar and dude sky colors
- Added optionnal Alien Worlds 3 and Alien Worlds 4 palette colors .
- new warp effect mod
- more detailed documentation referencing changed game files.

NMSF v1.1

Diversity Update

- added more biomes variations
- rebalanced rare creatures spawn
- new dead planets biomes 
- More diversity to weird biomes
- Pedestrial Sentinels can now be roaming on planets

NMSF v1.05f

This version is a fix for the "awakenings" mission where you should build wooden walls or roof, but thoses are not counted by the game if the mod is on. 
In this version the mod causing this issue is no more merged in the main pak.
The pak causing this issue is "_____NEW_GAMEPLAY__DEPLOYABLE-EXOCRAFTS-4V1S10NS-by_REDMAS.pak" you will need to not use this one until you've finished this mission. (The mod is for exocrafts, which are not available at the state where the mission happens anyway )

NMSF v1.05e various improvements and fixes :

- Improved generation's esthetic on several biomes
- added a new E3 Tree custom model ( scannable and minable )
- Improved render distance for some clipping objects
- Huge rocks can no more be removed by the mining laser
- Huge rocks can no longer spawn on big slopes
- added some missing collisions
- removed some asymetric wings for scientific ships in the spaceship generation
- Improved the Nomad boost force
- fixed a bug with the chilling version of fantastic beasts where submarine creatures were too rare

NMSF v1.05d is a new patch fixing overcrowed strands plants, adding a new variation for snow biomes, and fixing the spaceships cameras being too far.

NMSF v1.05c is a new patch fixing
overcrowed glowing plants, floating trees cases, and weired camera angles.

NMSF v1.05b  is a patch for the new biomes

NMSF v1.05
More Biomes ( x 2 )
Improved glowing plants spawn

NMSF v1.04b

Improved biomes variety + fixed aliasing on radiactive biomes big objects.

NMSF v1.03 

Improved snow biomes ( plus fixed an occasionnal glitch on some snow trees )

NMSF v1.02

- Vivid filter is no more by default
- Improved new structures spawn ( a bit less barried and, now,  cant spawn on slope )

NMSF v1.01

 - In this version, i've fixed a missing collision with vehicules with some scortched planets rocks.
- I've also barried the new structures a bit to make them look more ancient and to prevent them from floating to much above ground when spawned on slope.

NO Man's Sky : Fantasy v1.0

- New world generation ( totally restarted and rethought without fps drops or taking any crashes risk ) The mod is still in early phase, so there is not lot of biomes and it might still need improvements on some planets. I'll work on this principally in further updates )
- No more Atlas station, Atlas core, or freighters on planets
- Reduced exocrafts speed
- No more giant trees or giant props
- No more NPC s on planets
- NMS Pre-release procedurals Buildings have been enabled
- No more Statues or custom Props
- Reduced the pulse by half ( prevents the planet bouncing )
- Warp can be used closer from planets
- Improved fauna
- Improved biomes
- No more changes on freighters
- No more Fiend eggs fields ( were to cheated )
- The scientifics ships odd wings were removed ( boobs wings and Ghetto blaster wings )
- game colors reworked
- The flight camera is more close to the player.
- the hoverbike proportions are reworked
- LO2k's FAST ACTION is now enabled by default.


NO MAN's Sky - The Next Big Adventure


- Alien Worlds 4 LITE is the new default generation (very stable and that doesnt feature npcs on planets, large structures,  statues , ruins, or random rare/weird objects) 
- Camera overall totally reworked + Larger FOV
- FPS GAIN : Removed too heavy exocraft skins
- Fixed Ctd issues on exocraft skins when repairing slots
- Fixed the windy top fin for fighters ( floating issue fixed )
- New Nomad skin 
- New Exocraft handling ( Nomad is now an hybrid submarine/hovercraft + Reduced Nomad top speed  )
- Removed an odd generation case in AW4 + improved stability of this mod.
- Improved Flying snakes spawn.


- Improved Fighters top fins 
- Improved Circle Freighters Gauntry ( + fixed a collision issue on some freighters when taking off from it )
-  slightly Reduced the amount of S-Class Ships
- Fixed a CTD case in an AW4 lush & a barren sub-biome
- Plosidhed Flying snakes generation
- changed interactive objects in more base interaction mod 
- removed Son Of the Atlas mod from the main .pak
Recommanded update

- Fixed the exocraft scanner in supervehicles 3
- Added more interactive objects in more base interaction mod ( can now farm, in your base / freighter, dihydrogen, pure ferrite, ferrite dust, Cobalt, Mordite without killing creatures and salt )
- Added the ability to build wood & metal structs, signal boosters and teleporters on freighters
- Added the ability to build race without claiming base on surface planet. ( can build lights, wood and metal ramps and bridges anywhere on planet )

- Fixed an issue on "Alien Worlds 4" that was causing a CTD
- Fixed the "standing planter" label on wrong objects in "More Base Interactions" mod
- Added An Always shinny planet option
- Prevented some objects to spawn too close from each others
- Large structures and golden flags are more rare
- Improved fps on some planets


- New Mod : Advanced bodyshape customisation
(Add more variations of body shapes and Gek's & Vykeen's faces structures in the character customisation interface (Changes are also visible in Multiplayer ))
- Improved Flying snakes spawn
- Fixed a too high wanted level alert on a rare prop.


- Improved Flying snakes flight and tails physic / bending
- Make butterflies easier to scan.
- improved fps
- Rebalanced creatures difficulty.
- 2 new mods ( no predator , agressive creatures )

v1.5 Polished Version

- improved performance, stability, esthetics and diversity on biomes / Improved the draw distance of cave objects and sub biomes.
- polished spaceships generation ( with modular split ) ( Fixed some issues regarding fins / changed some S-Class  and made them with procedual wings positions / made S-Class and rare spaceships more common
- Improved performances on creatures generation / Giant beasts are back / Weird Creatures are more dense and also spawn on regular planets.
- the atmospheric freighters are no more above crashed spaceships and are now above crashed freighters with a procedural spawn / frigates can spawn above crashed freighters as well

v1.407: Readjusted large structures spawn.

v1.406: Various biomes fixes : Increased trees draw distance / improved trees generation.

v1.405 : Fixed rare crash cases + Reduced large structures size + Reduced Statue spawn probability + a new large structure

v1.404 : Large Structures are always vertical 

v 1.403 : Increased large structure spawn

v1.401 & v1.402 Stability + new sand colors + various spawn improvements. 


- Improved and optimized grass distance

- New props to find ( created from game assets or using hidden game assests )

- improved spawn on alien like planets 

-  Added Procedural large structures ( created from game assets )

- Improved sand colors. 


Reduced memory usage on some caves
Improved scorched cities ruins planets
improved FPS 
Improved creatures spawn range & placement( they no more spawn close to each other )


Fixed the submarine pickup for NMS 1.77
Removed duplicated mods files in Modular version

Cam overhaul updated for NMS 1.77

v1.35 v1.34 v1.33
Polished Biomes generation regarding performance and visuals placements
NMS v1.77 update for the mod. The camera couldnt be updated on that version