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It offers a Four-Element Voice structure which allows for up to four independent waves from any of the tone generators. It is capable of accurately reproducing the sound of classic analog synthesizers without patch cables, setting charts, or the frustrating instability that was the bane of the analog age. The features don't stop there. Six Controller Knobs can be assigned to a class range of parameters for extraordinary real-time control capability along with the Pitch wheel, two Mod wheels, assignable Ribbon Controller and Scene memory buttons. Two types of full featured built-in Sequencers are on-board. An 8-Track Pattern Sequencer has most of the functions and features of the 16-track song specirication, but is more suited to the specification of drum tracks, dance grooves, or other frequently used phrases. There's also a great 4-track Arpeggiator specifiication 50 preset and user patterns. Top-quality engine effects processors of two types are onboard. Independent reverb and chorus settings can be made for each voice in the Voice mode, and for each performance setup in the Performance mode. Use the 16-part Performance mode to create elaborate sequences, layer sounds Ex5 so on. Different parts can be assigned to different areas of the keyboard, there are up to 16 zones. It was only available in the Aisian market, so picking one of these up in the states would be a very rare find! Supposedly, only 2000 of these were slated for production, but only around 500 of them made it off the production lines.