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Artist: Woody & Paul (and The Vigilantes) 
Album title: Doornroosje
Released: 2017

01. Do Re Mi 			("Sons of Bitches")
02. War 			(unreleased)
03. Own Mess 			("Heroes and Zeros")
04. Keep On Walkin' 		("Home")
05. Belly Button 		("Home")
06. Beast Inside 		(unreleased)
07. Get Back On My feet 	(unreleased)
08. The Vultures 		("Rum on Board")
09. Once Was A Lady 		("Rum on Board")
10. The Joker, Baby 		("Heroes and Zeros")

Time: 41m00s

All songs written by Woody & Paul

Recorded & pre-mixed live at Doornroosje, Nijmegen, December 10, 2009 // Mixed & Mastered, August 12, 2017 // Done by PS  

Note: Taped on 4-track cassette machine (Yamaha MT-8X) from front-of-house mixing desk (think it was a Midas XL3) with the following division: 1. drums; 2. bass guitar; 3. guitars & 4. vocals + delay/reverb. The balances were made for the house mix and routed to four mono sub-groups to accommodate recording. This is the complete performance. 

Artwork by Joshua (the drummer) taken from one of the 28 album LP covers of "Heroes & Zeroes" (approximately 10 of each were made).

First released: profstoned.blogspot.com on August 17, 2017 w/ permission from W&P. 


Note by Prof. Stoned: 

One of the truly overlooked heroes of psychedelic americana; Woody & Paul (together with their thunderous rhythm section) are among the best bands that you never heard in your life. 

This recording was made under primitive circumstances but captures them at their peak and has a near-perfect selection of tracks from their 5 studio albums. Even better yet, it has 3 songs that never saw the light of day and when hearing these, one can only take a look at the sky with weary eyes and exclaim: 'WHY NOT?!!!'. Especially 'Beast Inside' is a masterful track. It was recorded for the band's swansong "Heroes & Zeroes" but did not make the final cut for reasons unknown to yours truly. "Once was a lady' appears here with a totally different arrangement to the point where it is almost a different tune. 'The Joker, Baby' may well be their best-known track and this haunted rendition easily competes with the album version. 

From 2004 to 2012, Woody & Paul took on a fascinating journey; from starting out as an acoustic duo who explored authentic blues and folk to evolving into a full-on electric rockband which incorporated a whole spectrum of musical styles. They were originals. The band sadly split up in 2012 but has since continued to exist in alternative incarnations, though none of these have been as prolific (except maybe Paul's "Man from the South"). My fingers are crossed for a reunion, including original bass player Ernst-Jan who has since moved to another band from Eindhoven called "Mozes & the Stillborn". Meanwhile, enjoy this old recording for the goods it has to offer.