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My Fursona is a female spotted hyena named Sasha Darkmane

She is 22 years old 5'7" (170 cm) Weighs 221 pounds (100.244 kg) She has a muscular build and has digitigrade paws. She has slightly above average size breasts. She is chubby and squishy to snuggle

She has Tan fur (I'll put the exact hexadecimal codes below) with black spots, Her hair is a light purple that darkens as it gets closer to the tips, it goes down to the bottom of her neck is usually kept messy. Her right eye is aquamarine and her left is scarlet. She usually wears zip up hoodies and skirts with knee high boots with trans flag striped socks that go up to her ass and elbow length gloves though in the cold she will wear pants to keep warm.

Her personality is basically me with a few changes to reflect how I want to be more of. Shes caring and tries to help others when she can, likes to try new things whenever possible and looks for thrills wherever possible, shes loyal to her friends who she considers to be an extension of her family, more like brothers and sisters than just friends, loves to listen to music and play games, though she works to stay fit shes fairly bad with social situations getting nervous around new people and preferring to blend into larger groups. Though shes empathetic and tries to help others if they're down she's not very good at figuring out how to do so which often causes her to make it worse by mistake.
Her mane and tail taste and smell like strawberries and the rest of her tastes and smells like chocolate

Fur: bf955d
Hair Primary: cf10cf
Right Eye: 7fffd4
Left Eye: ff3300

For information on NSFW aspects of the character ask me and I will send a link detailing those parts of her